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Giving Away One Million Dollars of Happiness

If I asked you how much your life is worth, what would you say? Could you even put a price tag on it knowing that you only get one? Most of us would probably say it’s priceless and not for sale. Yet there are those who have willingly given their own lives for free.

My Dutch grandparents and mother probably would not have survived Nazi occupation much longer had it not been for the Americans who fought for their liberation in World War II. They and others faced torture and death on a daily basis. More than likely, things would be completely different for all of us had the Allies not been victorious.

I can honestly say I would not be here today if it weren’t for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

So many men and women in our military forces have risked their lives to protect that which we covet the most. Millions have died in the line of duty to ensure we have our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

As Americans we should not allow these sacrifices to be done in vain!

This is the reason why HAPPY JOE® exists and why we have the audacity to publicly announce our plans to give away one million dollars worth of happiness to those who served.

One million dollars worth of happiness. Really?

When I think about all I’ve ever been able to enjoy and experience in my own life, I remember those who never had the opportunity to do so. I think about the men and women who gave this priceless gift to me.

Our mission at HAPPY JOE® is supporting United States Military Veterans who have been screwed over by the very government and country they swore to defend. Our purpose is doing something to right the wrongs, even if it means sacrificing profits or putting ourselves in the crosshairs of public scrutiny by being unconventional.

While we are a for-profit business we totally operate with a different mindset.

This is why it is our goal to use our products to generate funding to purchase things like alternative medicines, service dogs and supplies, and adaptive equipment our service disabled veterans cannot afford because the VA doesn’t provide it. 

Our objective is providing one million dollars worth of stuff by the end of 2025. It’s a small contribution compared to what you and I have gained.

Great things never came from comfort zones sign.

We all have an opportunity to show our gratitude.

As an Army Veteran and one who fully understands what my family and others have endured through war, this is very personal to me. I believe our military community deserves better than what the government and politicians have done for them. This is a fight I can’t and won’t back down from.

Regardless of what you feel about war or the government yourself, we all owe our service members and veterans, past and present, gratitude for our liberties. 

The best way you can show your gratitude is enjoying your freedom to the best of your ability. Whatever makes you happy, do it with all your heart. You honor those sacrifices by doing so.

The second thing you can help is by purchasing something from our store. Every product has a  purpose and at least 10% of profits are used to achieve our objective above.

Since most of us in America love our t-shirts, why not buy one that gives a happy ending? Maybe your support can help save a life.



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