Get Your Happy On!

HAPPY JOE® is a freedom lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting the military veterans our government has turned their backs on. We believe they deserve better so we’re doing something about it.

Our objective is making a real difference in the lives of those who fought to protect our freedom, even when it requires using unconventional tactics or taking great risks. We will do what it takes to make life better for those who served.

Our purpose is selling great products to help fund lifesaving resources not offered by the Veterans Administration like MMJ cards, CBD supplies, or service dogs. We invest profits to help disabled veterans become healthier and happier.

HAPPY JOE® values the true American Spirit and we’re extremely thankful for our independence. We hope you will join us on our mission and do what is right.

Remember that freedom is never free. It was paid for with a high price.

Veteran Owned

HAPPY JOE is a veteran owned business who proudly supports other veterans through the sales of our products.