It's hard to believe it was nine years ago when I launched the original mission for HAPPY JOE.

Back then it was a 501c3 non-profit helping U.S. Military Veterans learn web tech skills so they could start businesses or work for other companies. Our focus was combating the high unemployment rates among those leaving the military service and re-entering the civilian workforce.

Not only did we achieve our objectives with a high level of success, we also created and offered national training events to veterans all over the United States! HAPPY JOE was interviewed by numerous publications and podcasts and our support network exploded. 

As successful as our program was, we also noticed a far bigger and pressing need within the military community -- the veteran suicide rates.

The mental health and wellness of our service members was suffering at alarming rates due to Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injuries, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, and of course physical disabilities sustained from their time in the military. It was a shocking reminder all was not well and that we needed to do something about it as a country.

HAPPY JOE shifted fire and decided to focus our efforts on combating suicides.

Because of my own PTSD, anxiety, and depression, I had discovered cannabis and CBD was an extremely valuable and safer medical alternative to the dangerous opioids the Veteran's Administration handed out like Pez candy dispensers. This VA cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs was, and in my opinion still is, one of the primary catalysts for veteran related suicides.

HAPPY JOE CBD Cream from 2017

So we started selling the best CBD possible to our veterans and service members.

HAPPY JOE started to see lives being changed by the products we sold locally and nationally. Veterans and service members alike told us our CBD was saving their lives, but despite our growing success in this new venture, our payment processing solutions were shut down even though our products were federally legal.

There was no way to stay in business and we had to close up shop in 2019.

We're back in the fight and we're not giving up this time.

I hated saying goodbye to HAPPY JOE because I believed with all of my heart and soul we were doing something great. The dozens of personal stories I heard from veterans who benefited from what we were doing made it so damn difficult to stop fighting for their needs. It's always bothered me that I surrendered.

Today I'm stoked to announce we are back. 

Even though our business is totally different than it was so many years ago our priority and mission has not changed. Instead we will use our new platform of selling t-shirts and other freedom lifestyle products to fund those very alternative medicine needs in our military community.

I'll be sharing more about our crazy objective soon but what's important is HAPPY JOE is back in the battle and we're gonna fight like hell to make an impact.

So please share the news. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Purchase a t-shirt or two. Help us give back to those who gave all. 


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