Happy Joe is a wellness lifestyle brand dedicated to serving the warriors of our nation. Our purpose is leading the way for healthier and happier lives, while enjoying the freedoms we've been given.


The pathway to health and happiness begins with the right knowledge. This is why Happy Joe provides relevant and expert advice on a variety of wellness topics, geared specifically for the military community.


Getting together with like minded people is great for the soul. Happy Joe sponsors exclusive pop up events across the country in order to inspire well-being and build camaraderie amongst our warriors.


Being a part of a strong community and having a support system is critical for success. Whether you need a virtual hug or some ass-kicking motivation, Happy Joe has got your six with our support network!


It's always a bonus to be appreciated for your service. Besides our military discounts and free giveaways, Happy Joe partners with companies who are also grateful for your contribution and want to give back.


Understanding how cannabis or CBD can affect your overall wellness is important. Happy Joe helps you determine if these products are the right choice, as well as how to get started safely.


The cannabis industry is the fastest growing job market in the country and provides amazing opportunities. Happy Joe connects military veterans to companies looking to hire well disciplined team members.


We're excited to announce the new Happy Joe digital learning platform and mobile app will be launching this fall. It will include these amazing benefits and more!


Happy Joe offers Military Grade CBD designed for optimal wellness. Our products are developed for maximum potency, while being absolutely safe for consumption. Everything is made in the USA and thoroughly tested.


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Happy Joe offers veteran friendly and patriotic companies the opportunity to connect with a large and loyal military audience. Sponsor an event, advertise on our platform, or host a local pop up event. It's a true win-win.