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Depression. Chronic Pain. Anxiety. PTSD. These are just a few wellness issues keeping us from living an amazing life. Perhaps it doesn't have to be this way.

We've discovered there are many unconventional or alternative options for happier and healthier living. Our mission is to help you explore  the possibilities.

Happy Joe is building a brand new community of wellness seekers. We welcome anyone who desires to feel better to join us on this new adventure.

Many of us have battled mental wellness or health issues. Let us walk together on the journey and share our knowledge so others can enjoy their freedom.

Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

Happy Joe focuses on providing online education and learning experiences in a variety of digital formats.

Valuable Resources from Happy Joe

Valuable Resources

Happy Joe partners with wellness experts and companies to ensure you have the best resources available.

Real Community at Happy Joe

Real Community

Happy Joe provides a community of people who encourage and support each other in our wellness efforts.

Wellness Events from Happy Joe

Wellness Events

Happy Joe offers you the opportunity to join us at walk-n-talks, workshops, and retreats across the United States.

a dark and desperate place.

I was continually depressed and in chronic pain. I hated myself and the demons who destroyed my soul. Death seemed like the best option. Thank God I was wrong.

upcoming events

We're in the initial stages of launching a road tour throughout the United States. The 'Enjoy Your Freedom' Tour will offer informal meet-ups to promote and encourage optimal wellness. Check out our events page for more details. 

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Enjoy Your Freedom
Hosting Cannabis Workshops

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