What Does it Mean to Get Your HAPPY On?

What Does it Mean to Get Your HAPPY On?

When we encourage you to get your HAPPY on what does that really mean?

That’s a great question because it can create different ideas of how we should think about it. But here’s what this saying means to us.

HAPPY JOE believes in serving up smiles. 

First and foremost, we currently live in a country where negativity rules the day. Just look around and you’ll see thousands of negative vibe merchants spreading their unhealthy and depressing energy to the entire world around them. Do we really need to feel worse about ourselves or life???

When you choose to smile you will start to feel happy, and when you begin to feel this way, it changes your perspective about life. Instead of seeing the beer glass as half empty, you see it as half full. Not only that, your happiness will be contagious and spread to others - making life even more awesome for all.

HAPPY JOE believes we should enjoy our freedom. 

Second, we all have things in life that we truly enjoy. It could be hiking in the mountains, putting our buns in the sun, drinking some craft tequila, binge watching TV, fishing on the lake, or getting naked with someone for fun. What do you love to do?

When you choose to spend time doing the things that make you happy, you’re able to appreciate whatever amount of time you have on this planet and that’s priceless. So we encourage you to enjoy your freedom to the fullest and do so without any regrets.

HAPPY JOE believes in having fun.

Ultimately we wanted to create a groovy brand vibe that was more positive, uplifting, and rewarding for ourselves and others. It's about laughing and having fun instead of being so serious about everything. 

As a veteran owned business it's also about being different than the rest of the hyper-masculine and aggressive patriotic stereotypes so prevalent in our culture today. Fun over fighting is our motto.

That's our story and we're sticking to it!

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