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Happy Joe provides a free course called WP BootCamp to all active duty service-members, veterans, and military spouses. We welcome military people from ALL branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of which era they served.

Why Build a Business or Career in WordPress?

WordPress is a website and blogging publishing platform that powers roughly a third of the websites on the internet. It's powerful, yet simple to learn the basics. There are many incredible opportunities in the WordPress marketplace including web designer, web developer, consultant, technical support, sales, project management, theme designer, and plugin developer.

WordPress powers 26% of the web.

The most recent stats show that WordPress powers 26.4% of the Web, and it’s on the rise. It is still by far the most used CMS, with 59.4% market share. Over 500 sites are being created daily on WordPress.

- ManageWP, More Surprising Stats about WordPress

WordPress offers military veterans, spouses, and caregivers amazing business or career opportunities. The work is often remote and allows them to work around their lifestyle needs or disabilities. WordPress can provide a great living and other valuable benefits. You can launch your own company or get hired as a team member.

WP BootCamp

  • 8 Online Lessons

    Work at your own pace.

  • Course Materials

    Everything is provided.
  • Office Hours

    Ask pros for advice.

  • Special Discounts

    Get WP vendor discounts.


Developed by Veterans for Veterans

WP BootCamp was created and developed by a U.S. Army Veteran for Military Veterans. All course material comes from 10 years of proven experience in the WordPress industry and marketplace.

Learn Tips and Advice from the Experts

Happy Joe has partnered with some of the best WordPress experts in the industry. This ensures every student gets the best advice for developing their career or business.

Course Instruction

Happy Joe provides 8 valuable sessions to help students get started on the path for launching a career or business in WordPress. All instruction is available online. Students can interact with the lessons by desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

The WP BootCamp training includes:

  • Why Choose WordPress?
  • Discovering the Career Opportunities
  • Learning the WordPress Basics
  • Building Your WP Toolkit and Resources
  • Choosing the Designer Path 
  • Choosing the Developer Path
  • Finding Work in the WP Marketplace
  • Attending Local WordCamps


Happy Joe does not offer WordPress basic training lessons. We will refer you to several of the best training companies for technical training. Our goal is providing students with an understanding of why they should learn WordPress and the opportunities that are available to them.

Office Hours for Advice

All students of WP BootCamp will have the ability to visit online with our cadre of WordPress experts. Office hours takes place twice per week via our private Slack channel. Students can ask for career or business advice for no additional fee.

WP BootCamp is Free!

WP BootCamp is available for free to qualified military veterans, military spouses, and military caregivers.

Qualifications for this free online course include:

  • Currently serving or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Proof or military service (valid Military ID or DD Form 214)
  • Military spouse or caregiver with proper identification

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this course available and supporting our work.

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Happy Joe will be launching the WP BootCamp course very soon. If you would like access to this FREE COURSE, please fill out and submit the form to the right. We will send you the sign up details as soon as the course is ready for launch.