WordPress for Military Veterans

WordPress for Military Veterans

It’s critical that the men and women serving in the military have foundational skills in web tech, especially for those people beginning the transition to civilian life. If you want to launch a great business or discover a valuable career, you need to know something about web tech — even if you don’t plan on being a web designer or web developer. WordPress is an amazing tool that is simple to learn and a great place to begin. This is why Happy Joe believes all military veterans should learn WordPress.

WordPress for Military Veterans

Many military veterans may feel as though anything web tech is beyond their abilities, but it’s not. You don’t have to learn how to code (though it’s certainly encouraged) and you don’t have to take a college course to get started. If you’re scared you might have to “speak geek” or wear Star Wars t-shirts, don’t worry about that either! All you need is the desire to learn, a laptop computer, and an internet connection.

WordPress for military veterans is a skill Happy Joe encourages ALL of our veterans and their spouses to become familiar with. There are many reasons for this objective.

  • WordPress is relatively simple.  If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac then you can grasp WordPress. The basics don’t take forever to learn and you can be publishing content (blog posts, videos, PDFs, photo galleries, etc.) in less than an hour.
  • WordPress is a popular platform. Approximately 25% of websites on the internet are now powered by WordPress. This includes blogging websites to corporate and celebrity websites such as Sony, Beyonce’, Snoop Dog, Disney, Chuck Yeager, and the Rolling Stones. Millions of small businesses and non-profit organizations also use WordPress.
  • WordPress is growing and improving continually. The industry for WordPress design and development is exploding and the platform continues to improve the overall experience for end users. This provides many work and business opportunities for your future.
  • WordPress has an awesome community. The amount of people who are willing to help you on your journey is mind boggling. WordPress people are generous of their time and resources, unlike so many other communities. Many WP businesses have even supported the Happy Joe programs we offer to our veterans.
  • WordPress will grow your skill set. WordPress will open doors for your personally and professionally. You’ll learn skills that are valued and appreciated.
  • WordPress can provide you with income opportunities. Whether you want to make a part-time or full-time income, you can do it with WordPress, even if when you’re deployed.

WordPress for military veterans is something Happy Joe believes in so much, we are going to offer free webinars and resources soon to help you get started.

Learning WordPress

Later this year we hope to bring back WP BootCamps similar to what we offered in Las Vegas, Tampa, and Austin in 2015, but they will be a different format and take place online. WP BootCamps will only be available to military veterans and spouses and will only cover the basics on how to get started with WordPress. Happy Joe will provide our attendees with a step by step booklet, online instruction, a private online community, and in-depth resources to help you take your skills to the highest level.

If you’re ready to get started right now on learning WordPress, Happy Joe recommends the following partners of our mission.

Sidekick Pro


Sidekick is different from all the other WordPress training resources available because they offer interactive walkthrough lessons instead of videos. We’ve been impressed with quality of Sidekick and the amount of walkthroughs they provide. You can get the free WordPress plugin with limited walkthroughs, but Happy Joe recommends you get the one site license for $60 per year with unlimited access to all of their interactive training.



WP1o1.com is the best video WordPress training in the marketplace. Shawn Hesketh is the founder and he passionately supports our military veterans. WP101 has provided all Happy Joe community members with a FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to their WordPress training. Even if you’re not one of our community members right now, you can’t beat the Lifetime Membership deal for $79! WP101.com is well worth the investment.

WordPress for military veterans is definitely the way to get started in web tech and learning priceless skills that will enhance your future. Happy Joe will be offering a free online webinar Getting Started with WordPress in a few weeks and we’ll also begin posting our thoughts on the best WordPress themes, WordPress website hosting, WordPress plugins, and other resources.

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