Web Tech Training for Veterans

There are amazing opportunities for military veterans in the web technology and digital media industry. Veterans and spouses who have the proper skills and training can earn a great living as a contractor or as part of a remote team. Our web tech training for veterans makes it all a possibility!

The work is often flexible and can be done around their lifestyle needs. Anyone can learn the basics needed to find success regardless of their background, computer knowledge, or MOS (Military Occupational Specialty).

What Kind of Opportunities Exist?

Whether you want to own your own business or get hired on at a company, there are plenty of roles that might fit your interest and passion. Some require a lot more training and others do not. This is only a general list of what's available to you.

  • WordPress Consultants
  • Web Designer
  • Web Developer
  • App Developer
  • Information Technology
  • Software Engineer
  • UX and UI Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Sales Consultant
  • Customer Support
  • Graphic Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Copywriter
  • Online Marketer

What Happy Joe Offers You

We provide free web tech training for veterans, online education and mentoring to help you assess the opportunities in the web technology and digital media industry and then provide a battle plan for getting started. Our goal is to to ensure that you invest your time and energy in areas that fit your passions, interests, and long-term goals because this increases your ability to succeed in your mission.

  • Online education (webinars, articles, ebooks, podcasts)
  • Online mentoring from industry professionals
  • Business connections and contracting opportunities
  • Business and career building resources
  • Discounts to web tech training courses, online and offline, provided by our training partners

Who Qualifies for Our Free Resources?

Happy Joe offers our resources and mentoring to service members and military veterans from all branches of military service, regardless of what era they served.

  1. You must currently be serving in the United States Armed Forces and be in good standing with your branch of service, or
  2. Are a U.S. Armed Forces Veteran who has an Honorable Discharge status on your DD Form 214, or
  3. You are a military spouse who helps provide financially for your family

Proof of military service is required to be given access to these free resources.

Interested? Contact Happy Joe HQ.

If you're interested in our web tech training program for veterans, please connect with us and we will get you the intel you need. Thank you!