Wall of Heroes

Wall of Heroes

Happy Joe would like to honor and remember the following men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.

Jim Dalman Sr., US Army
Nicholas Hartner, US Army
Glenn Guffin, USMC
Alan Fowler, US Army|Coast Guard
Joe Gulikers, US Army
Charlie Gulikers, US Army
Jules Gulikers, US Army
David Miller, US Army
Clyde Miller, US Navy
Cena Mayo, US Air Force
Mike Wilson, US Army
Kevin Knallay, USMC
Mike Gillihan, US Army
Sheryle Gillihan, US Army
Fred Selzer, US Army
Justin Duffy, US Army
Leo Templin, US Army
Daniel Suplee, US Army

Steve Hankins, US Army
Ann Hankins, US Army
Stephen Onley, US Army
Steven Allen, US Army
Henry Idar, USMC
Barry Hughes
H. Richard Green, US Air Force
Tony Perez, USMC
Aleah Martagon, US Army
Pete Bruster, US Army
Pat Ramsey, US Navy
Jeremy Vossman, US Army
Kiko Doran, US Air Force
Kerry Carron, US Air Force
Leo May Jr., US Army
Lou Parente, US Army
David Sheakley, US Army
Durant Barry, US Army

Frank Spady, US Army
Brad Williams, USMC
Dre Armeda, US Navy
John Kirkpatrick, US Navy
Anthony Espinal, US Army
John Church Sr., USMC
John Ciano
Russ Dozier, USMC
George Keen, US Navy, WWII
Friends & Family of Jay Hughes
Chris O'Connor, USMC
Dennis R. Fitzgerald, USN
James Ewing, USMC
Krystyna Ewing, US Army
82nd Abn. Div. ACP Radio"
Ricky Turner, US Army
Corey Winkle, US Army

If you would like to honor a military veteran by adding them to this Wall of Heroes, there is no fee for doing so. Please contact us.