Veterans in the News

This week has some interesting news pieces involving veterans. There are Iraq and Afghanistan vet mountain climbers, a Vietnam vet that was scammed, and a World War II veteran and his Harley. Read on for the news!

Veterans in the News

Veterans Climb Mt. Everest

Talk about taking it to another level! A group of veterans has made it their goal to climb to the top of Mount Everest. The veterans served in Iraq and Afghanistan and one has not let having a prosthetic leg stop him. They are all climbing together to reach the summit – an astounding 29,029 feet above sea level. The reason? They want to raise awareness of the active duty service members and 22 veterans  who commit suicide every day.

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NEWS UPDATE 5/20/2016: They reached the summit! Boise man becomes first combat-wounded veteran to summit Everest

Vet with Cancer is Scammed by Contractors

This news story from Hamilton Township, Ohio is a sad commentary on what some unscrupulous people will do, with no regard for our vets. Disabled vet, Jerry Snyder, was scammed by contractors he hired to renovate his home.

Snyder is a Vietnam vet fighting cancer and his wife also has physical disabilities. What started as what should have been a fairly ordinary home renovation to widen a doorway for easier access with his wheelchair ended with the vet being ripped off for $3,000.

Snyder’s story aired on the news and after that the support he got was amazing – bringing tears of happiness to Jerry and his wife.  His town rallied support for them and Griffin Contracting and Restoration said they will take over where the scammers left off and finish the job.

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World War II Veteran goes across country on his Harley

You’ve got to love this story.  Almost 90 year old veteran, Dr. Bruce Heilman took off from Richmond, Virginia and started a trek across the country. Dr. Heilman is also Chancellor of the University of Richmond. He began his trip weeks ago and on the 8th of May began his trip back home.

Heilman didn’t just take off for the hell of it. His cross country mission is to bring awareness to the a few important 75th anniversaries of World War II events. He knows that every veteran was willing to sacrifice their lives for their country and that is the reason why we all are free.

American Legion Riders are accompanying Heilman on his journey through different states.

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