Veterans Need Community

Veterans Need Community

Veteran community and camaraderie. It’s one of the biggest aspects of the military lifestyle that many of us miss.

It’s great to be surrounded by people who “get you” or understand what you’re going through. It’s awesome to know someone will CYA (Cover Your Ass) when you need it. And as ridiculous as military life can be, your community can be the saving grace to the insanity.

Unfortunately camaraderie is often lost after military service is over. We lose touch with the people we served with or retreat into a civilian world that doesn’t understand us. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Veterans Need Community.

It doesn’t matter what your MOS was or what branch of service you served in, you need a community you can relate to. If you battle PTSD or other mental health challenges, it’s critical to have people who can be there for you. Camaraderie matters in every facet of your life. Going it alone Rambo style is no way to cultivate mental wellness.

The past four years I’ve heard more about veteran’s needing community than any other need combined. Programs are essential for helping veterans, but relationships with other people is absolutely critical. You need buddies you can count on in good times and bad. Camaraderie with other veterans can improve your happiness and well being.

Veterans Hav

Let’s Stop Making Excuses. Get into Action!

There are a thousand reasons for not getting involved in a veteran community. We all have circumstances that take our time and energy every day. We all have problems to deal with. Yet these are just excuses that keep us from something that will truly benefit our lives. It’s time to get into action and off of our “buts”.

Happy Joe Community

There’s nothing more we’d like to do than build a thriving community of military veterans and military spouses, online and offline. This is the biggest reason we launched an online app for mentoring and community. It’s also the reason we are seeking to create local community groups across the globe.

Online Community

We provide an online app in partnership with Uvize where you can connect with other veterans and spouses. You can get advice, share resources, and find mentors with a variety of experience. It’s easy to use and a simple way to be involved in a community without leaving your home.

The Uvize app is available now and free to all military veterans, military spouses, and service members. We’re revamping the community right now. If you’d like access all you need to do is contact Happy Joe.

Offline Community

As valuable as online communities are, there’s nothing like interacting with other people in person. Real camaraderie takes place in local gatherings. This is why Happy Joe is starting a new community group in Las Vegas and why we’re looking for leaders to start groups in their own towns.

Our community groups will be informal gatherings for military veterans, military spouses, and military caregivers. We’ll meet up for beers, sporting events, recreational activities, coffee, or anything else that brings us together. Come as you are, but just join us.

If you’d like to lead a group, we’ll help you get started and provide fire support. If you just want to hang out with us, that’s perfect too. Either way, contact us to get more intel on these upcoming community groups.

Veteran Community Requires Action

It’s Your Choice

If you feel as though you’ve been on an island all alone, now is your opportunity to get rescued. Every one of us needs people in our lives we can connect with and count on. If you don’t think you do, you’re lying to yourself. Mental wellness starts with looking from the inside out, but it’s much easier if you have a veteran community to rally around you.

Veterans need community. Happy Joe would love for you to discover new camaraderie and be involved with what we are doing. It’s up to you to decide.

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