veterans and medical marijuana

Veterans and Medical Marijuana – What’s ‘Happy’ in the News

So you hear all the news about military veterans and medical marijuana and the problems they face. And it is true that some are being treated unfairly and not getting the respect that they deserve. But despite the injustices, there are some good things in the news about veterans and medical marijuana.

veterans and medical marijuana

4 Good News Stories about Veterans and Medical Marijuana

New York Vietnam Veteran using Medical Marijuana to Help with Lymphoma

Jack Jones is a published author and Vietnam veteran. He lives in New York and is one of about 5,000 patients who have been given the go ahead by their doctors to be certified to take medical marijuana.

Mr. Jones is receiving treatment for lymphoma and experiencing quite a bit of pain. He would rather not take opiate based pain killers. He is one of the lucky ones to be able to use medical marijuana. Only 600, out of New York’s 90,000, are registered physicians who have taken an online course and registered with the state.

Ready to read more? Click here for the complete news story by the Daily Messenger.

Iraq Veteran finds Pain Relief with Medical Marijuana – Kicks the Opiates

After being injured in Iraq, Stephen Mandile found himself using opiate painkillers for his nerve damage and chronic spine pain. He was limited as to what he could do. But enter medical marijuana.

The VA had no problem prescribing heavy drugs, even fentanyl patches. But when Mandile starting using medical marijuana his life changed. He was able to cannabis for his pain and forego the heavy drugs he was taking. has the full story. Click here to read it.

Moving Forward. Majority of Americans Believe Medical Marijuana helps Veterans

American voters are seeing the light. According to a recent poll by the Quinquennial University National 87% of Americans think that veterans dealing with PTSD should be allowed to have a prescription for medical marijuana in the form of a pill.

Several groups were asked the question, and military households with at least one active duty person also said ‘yes’ with an impressive 82%. Every group that was asked their opinion gave over 80% support.

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Illinois Plan to Expand MM Program

Governor Bruce Rauner’s office has indicated that the Governor will sign into law a bill that will lengthen the medical marijuana pilot program till July 1, 2020. This important legislation will also add two more qualifying conditions: terminal illness and PTSD.

Veteran Lon Hodge plans on taking advantage of the law change immediately. He has been diagnosed with PTSD and say the minute the law goes through he will apply.

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