Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal.

Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal. A Great Way to Support Military Veterans!

Happy Joe has just launched our Veterans Day BOGO CBD Deal. If you want to show your support for our military veterans, this is a great opportunity to do it!

The Reason for Our Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal

Traditionally we’ve never promoted Happy Joe on Veterans Day so we could truly focus on honoring the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.  We’ve also felt most sales pitches during this national holiday are often self serving and gimmicky, something we have no desire to do.

Yet Veterans Day is when so many patriotic Americans show their support for our military. Veterans are front and center in people’s minds — something we truly appreciate as a veteran owned business. Given our purpose is serving those who served, we feel it’s time to adapt our thinking a bit.

Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal Happy Joe

Many disabled veterans can’t afford life changing medicine.

Since we started our journey five years ago, we’ve heard from hundreds of disabled veterans who can’t afford to pay for cannabis related products. Many of these veterans are living on disability payments that don’t go very far. Being able to purchase CBD or cannabis that can change their lives is often out of reach.

Interestingly the government has no problem providing dangerous opiates and prescription drugs to veterans for free. The government won’t provide assistance for cannabis products with zero side effects and are healthy for the veteran to use.

Most veterans don’t want the VA cocktail of harmful drugs offered to them by the truck load. They want access to safe cannabis and CBD infused products. Happy Joe is here to help do just that!

If you buy one, we’ll give one. A new BOGO idea.

BOGO typically means buy one and get one free, but Happy Joe is going to add a slight twist to that concept.

Starting today, if you purchase any Happy Joe branded product, we’ll give the same exact product to a veteran in need. So if you purchase our 1000mg Military Grade CBD Oil, we’ll ship an identical product to a veteran for FREE. It’s that simple!

Our goal is to give away as many Happy Joe CBD products as possible by Veterans Day 2018. The more you purchase, the more we can provide to disabled veterans for free. It’s a truly meaningful way to show your appreciation and support for their service.

Veteran Services

Shop. Support. Smile.

Please take a look at the products we have for our Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal and make a purchase today. All purchases included FREE SHIPPING in the United States.

We also ask that you share this information about our Veterans Day CBD BOGO Deal on social media to maximize exposure. Use the hashtags #HappyJoe or #CBDBOGO4Veterans so we can track your posts. We’ll give away some extra goodies to the biggest social butterflies.

Thank you for supporting our veterans and helping them get the safe and effective medicine they deserve. HOOAH!

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