Veteran services from Happy Joe

Happy Joe recruits, trains, and deploys Military Veterans and Military Spouses into the freelancing marketplace. Our objectives are reducing unemployment and financial hardships among our veterans after their military service is over. We work with qualified military members (Active, Retired, Veterans, Spouses) regardless of their branch of service or era served.

If you have served or are currently in the U.S. Armed Forces and you have skills in the services we provide, you can apply to become a Happy Joe team member today.

WP BootCamp Logo

WP BootCamp: Getting Started in WordPress

WordPress powers over a third of all websites on the internet. This opens the doors for the military community to launch incredible businesses or careers in web tech. Discover the opportunities that await you in WordPress and learn how to get started.

Freelancer Survival School

Build a Successful Freelancing Business from Home.

Freelancing provides military veterans, spouses, and caregivers with the perfect opportunity to build a business that meets their lifestyle and financial needs. Join our Freelancer Survival School to learn how to get started and survive as a freelancer.