Veteran Owned Craft Breweries

5 Veteran Owned Craft Breweries Worth Saluting

The Brewers Association reported that in 2015 there were over 4,000 active breweries.1 From all available reports, that is the most breweries in the United States since the 1870s! You don’t have to look far in those thousands of beer producers to find veteran owned craft breweries. And trust us, you’ll be glad when you find them. They are brewing some of the best beer in the country.

Veteran Owned Craft Breweries

5 Veteran Owned Craft Breweries

Service Brewing Company

We all know veterans make great entrepreneurs so it is no surprise that the booming craft beer industry includes many veteran owners.  Service Brewing Company in Savannah, Georgia was started by entrepreneur and Army veteran, Kevin Ryan.  This West Point grad started with a home brewing kit and big dreams.

Service Brewing Company serves up “Year-Round” beer as well as “Seasonal”. Their seasonal beers include:

  • Gun Bunny Wit – a classic Belgian-style witbier.
  • Lincoln’s Gift Oyster Stout – a traditional dark beer with a briny character.
  • Battlewagon Double IPA – a smooth-bodied Double IPA.

Veterans United Craft Brewery

Jacksonville, Florida is home to the Veterans United Craft Brewery. Like many veteran owned craft breweries, owner Ron Gamble, started brewing with a home kit. His hobby soon became serious and in 2013 Ron, a former Naval Flight Officer, put together a team and started his microbrewery.

Veterans United Craft Brewery has year-round, seasonal, and limited edition beers.

  • Scout Dog 44 Amber Ale – this year-round beer is an easy drinking amber .
  • Imperial Grunch Double India Pale Ale – this limited edition beer won’t disappoint. It is a double IPA with an impressive aroma and great flavor.
  • Cup O’ Joe Oatmeal Espresso Stout – this is a seasonal beer that will have you coming back for more. As its name implies, it is a dark, medium-bodied oatmeal stout.

Red Leg Brewing Company

This craft brewing producer is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their brews include, Doolittle IPA, Cutter Wit, Blue Nose Brown, Howitzer Amber, and more. You can find their beer in many locations in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. In 2014 they won the World Beer Cup Bronze Award and in 2016 they received the World Beer Cup Bronze Award for their Blue Nose Brown beer.

The owner and president of Red Leg Brewing Company is Todd Baldwin. He is a proud veteran and served as an artillery officer in Iraq for more than two years.

Railhouse Brewery

Brian Evitts, is the CEO and Brewmaster of Railhouse Brewery. Brian was in the Navy for eight years. After 15 years of brewing at home, Brian became certified in brewing from the World Brewing Academy. Jeremy Reynolds, VP of Strategies, is still serving our country as a pilot in the Air Force Reserves.

Located in Aberdeen, North Carolina, the Railhouse Brewery is the recipient of several awards including first place for Stout in the North Carolina Brewer’s Cup 2013 and Best in Show at the 2013 Blues N Brews Festival. Their craft beers include:

  • Mastiff Oatmeal Stout – a smooth stout with layers of chocolate, roast , and nuttiness.
  • FCA IPA – a malt with a light floral aroma.
  • KA-BAR Brown Ale – a nutty, rich, dark brown ale.

Full-Tilt Brewing

Cousins and owners Dan Baumiller and Nick Fertig came together to form Full-Tilt Brewing because of their shared passion for good beer. Nick, a Navy veteran and Dan began to research becoming entrepreneurs and one of the veteran owned craft breweries.

Let’s take a look at some of their brews:

  • Patterson Pumpkin – a seasonal brew with a delightful pumpkin pie taste.
  • Baltimore Pale Ale – this is a year-round brew with Summit, Columbus, Nugget, and Crystal hops brought together in a most flavorful blend.
  • Berger Cookie Chocolate Stout – the character of this brew begins by adding actual Berger Cookies to the boil.

Know any other veteran owned craft breweries? Let us know in the comment section below or contact us and we’ll talk about featuring more breweries.


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