Three Awesome Reasons to Start Freelancing

The freelancing economy has been exploding for the past few years. In fact, 40% of our workforce are now freelancers, independent contractors, or contingent workers. This statistic is expected to climb to over 50% by 202o.

There are many reasons for the mass exodus of people from Corporate America to entrepreneurship. Corporate layoffs are always happening due to economic conditions or poor business decisions. People today are more dissatisfied with their careers than generations of the past. And younger people who value doing work that truly matters over just earning a paycheck are now creating new opportunities in the global marketplace. These reasons, among others, make the conditions ripe for people who want to make a living as a freelancing professional, but there are three other great reasons why you should consider the freelancing lifestyle.

Three Great Reasons to Start Freelancing

1. You Earn Your Own Money

There are two important aspects of working hard to make your own money as a freelancer. The first is that you learn to appreciate what you earn a lot more and that you get to experience the challenges business owners face every day. When you work for someone else it can be easy to take these circumstances for granted. Being your own boss teaches you a lot.

The second part is that there’s great satisfaction in knowing that you are building your own wealth. We all love getting paid for our work but it’s much sweeter when you control what you’re able to earn, rather than what an employer deems your worth is to the company. Earning your own keep as a freelancer is an extremely rewarding experience.

2. You Invest More in Brand You

When your name is the one on the door and the business you start relies solely on your freelancing skills, you’re likely to invest in yourself more than when you work for another company. You have to be more serious about building your reputation and your talents because if you don’t, you will fail as a freelancer. Learning to rely on yourself is liberating.

The other benefit of investing in brand you (your reputation, skills, expertise) is marketability. If you decide to go back to work for another company, you could be more marketable or desirable because you’ve gained valuable experience and credibility.

3. You Create a Lifestyle that Works for You

Freelancing provides you with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection. You can schedule your projects around your family values or personal interests. You can work hard and play hard according to your schedule, not your boss.

When you’re a professional freelancer, you can create a lifestyle business that meets your goals. You have the flexibility to make your own rules and work the way you want to work. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Being a Freelancer is Awesome!

Despite all the challenges and unique situations that you will encounter by freelancing, there definitely is no other journey just like it. You will find that most days are like a roller coaster ride, filled with ups and downs, but the thrill of the ride is exhilarating – even if you are only able to do it for a short season.

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