The Story Behind the Happy Joe Name


People have been asking us about how we came up with our name. Today we wanted to share the backstory about the Happy Joe brand.

The Story Behind the Happy Joe Name

The first word “Happy” is obvious. We want to deliver an awesome experience to our veterans and the people that partner with us on our mission. Instead of painting the typical picture of despair, hurt, pain, injuries, wounds, or other negative imagery, we want to show the world a happier side of what we are doing. We desire to communicate the success stories — how our veterans can and will have an amazing life and journey despite the negative experiences they’ve encountered. The world already has enough bad in it. Happy Joe is all about the good in the world.

The second word, “Joe,” is an old slang-term for soldiers. In WW2, G.I.Joe was a common nickname given to U.S. soldiers regardless of what branch they served in. I have a deep family history pertaining to WW2 and it’s partly because of these Joe’s sacrifices that I am alive today and on this mission. The other reason I find using this generic term appealing is that it applies to all soldiers who have served regardless of their branch or Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). There are many non-profit business names that only seem to tailor to those who have been in combat and I want to be different. The truth is that all military personnel have a valuable purpose regardless of their MOS or whether they were in the front lines or in the rear with the gear.

Happy Joe Name

Happy Joe is about two things: Happiness and Military Veterans.

That’s it! This is the meaning behind the name. As far as our Happy Joe character, his double thumbs up is a testament to the fact that things are good and squared away. We are on mission and we are making a difference! Keep any eye out for new character designs. Happy Joe will be sporting some new uniforms soon and giving props to the various branches of the military.

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