Texas Hemp Convention

Join Us at Texas Hemp Convention 2020

The Texas Hemp Convention is a couple of weeks away and we’re excited!

Texas has been a tough state as it relates to cannabis and CBD. Up until last year, some of its counties were still arresting and prosecuting citizens for simple CBD possession. Thankfully that all changed when Governor Greg Abbott helped pass House Bill 1325. It has also opened the door for decriminalization for minor cannabis possession.

This is all very good news, especially with so many military veterans residing in Texas who could benefit from medical cannabis use.

What is Texas Hemp Convention?

Texas Hemp Convention is one of the largest gatherings of hemp and CBD business professionals in the country. They estimate more than 10,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors will be at the event in 2020. Attendees will be able to network with industry leaders and learn from a variety of workshops.

Happy Joe believes this is a great opportunity for military veterans to make connections and be vocal about their wellness needs. If this isn’t enticing enough, all veterans and service members will receive 75% off the ticket price thanks to the generosity of KUSH.com.

Meet-Up with Happy Joe

Happy Joe will be planning a clandestine meet-up for all veterans and servicemembers interested in cannabis and CBD. It will be a chance to meet James and Donetta Dalman, as well as talk about wellness issues and maybe get some free products.

Be sure to download our new mobile app for your Apple or Android device. And turn on notifications! This is how we’ll send out intel about our meet-up and other special activities.

If you’re in Texas, we hope you’ll come out for Texas Hemp Convention 2020. We’d love to connect with you and help you find awesome people who can help you with your wellness needs or careers.