Texas Hemp Convention 2020

Texas Hemp Convention 2020: A Review of What You Missed!

The Texas Hemp Convention 2020 has come and gone. For those of you who didn’t attend, Happy Joe would like to share our thoughts of what you missed.

How was the Texas Hemp Convention 2020?

In one short word … fantastic! It was exciting to see thousands of people come together to support the hemp and CBD industry. Especially in Texas, where the local government has been slow to support hemp or CBD. This is a huge step in the right direction for the state and I hope the acceptance of medical cannabis will come next.

The experience.

The vibe of the Texas Hemp Convention was professional yet casual. It was a good combination of people from all walks of life. You could certainly feel the excitement in the air as you entered the convention center. Attendees seemed to be in great spirits despite the technical problems, delaying their entrance into the event on opening day. Most of what I observed was a bunch of happy people eager to learn from others or to share their knowledge.

Texas Hemp Culture

The networking.

Here is where the conference really shined!

We had countless discussions with exhibitors and attendees from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. It wasn’t difficult to strike up conversations and make new friends. One of the aspects I liked was a spirit of cooperation over competition. No doubt many cannabis entrepreneurs want their brand to be the best. That’s natural. But what was refreshing was so many people seemed interested in collaborating or helping each other in some way.

In such a large and growing ecosystem, we should place an emphasis on working together for the good of all. This doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy competition, but rather there are ways we can support each other in a market than can’t be served by one company.

Donetta and I met so many amazing people, some of who I will share below. If you want to attend an event relating to the business of hemp or CBD, then you should consider attending next year or look at the upcoming Oregon Hemp Convention in June.

The workshops.

Sadly I can’t give you a report on this. While it was my intention to drop in on some workshops and take notes, I was having great conversations and conducting interviews every day. However I did talk with several attendees who loved the workshops they attended. Hopefully these people will share their perspectives elsewhere.

The KUSH team and volunteers.

We salute the KUSH team and volunteers for working hard to make the event a success. Sure there were problems and hiccups along the way, but this is to be expected with any conference. Yet every person from the KUSH team I spoke with was eager to help and make the experience the best it could be. It was long grueling months and days of work to make Texas Hemp Convention 2020 happen. Thank you all for your efforts.

Texas Hemp Convention Brands

Companies and brands we HAVE to mention.

It was evident that some companies took great pride in their branding and products, while others didn’t seem to give a shit about their messaging. First impressions can mean the difference between life and death in this highly competitive industry. I hope some of those vendors will see this and make changes.

Fortunately we discovered some awesome brands and great people after spending hours on the trade show floor. Happy Joe wants to highlight some of the best from Texas Hemp Convention 2020.

Cypress Hemp

Not only do they have an awesome brand identity and passion for sustainability, founder Kristy Hebert has a touching story. At the age of 18, she was hit by a drunk driver and run over seven times! Today she’s walking, talking, and kicking ass with her company.

Warfighter Hemp

I’ve tracked these guys for a long time and have always loved their mission. Warfighter Hemp is veteran owned company and 50% of their profits go back to veteran non-profit organizations. Founders Steve Danyluk and Dr. Kamal Kalsi are the real deal and it was an honor to talk shop with them.

Hometown Hero CBD

This is another veteran owned company doing more great work for our veterans and first responders. They had some of the coolest products. I also liberated a stack of rolling treys and handfuls of delicious pre-rolls. Sorry Ryan!


I like this company from Nashville, Tennessee. David Gamble is down to earth and authentic as you can be. Plus I’d be a fool not to mention their upcoming Kentucky Bourbon flavored CBD tinctures that are sure to be a hit.

Happy Hemp Farmacy

J.P. Cisco and Dom Ratliff are two passionate dudes about hemp, doing things right, and giving back. I look forward to seeing where this company goes in the future.

Leapin’ Lizard

They don’t grow or process, but they certainly kick ass at labels. Happy Joe used Leapin’ Lizards for our CBD product line and I couldn’t recommend them enough. Courtney Lewallen rocks, so be sure to reach out to her and say hello.

Product reviews coming!

There are other great people we could talk about but we’re saving some of them for our product reviews. We’ve got stuff to sample from Texas Hemp Culture, Hemp Rolls, Haygood Farms, Treemason Farms, 4 Reasons Hemp, and some of the brands listed above.

Final thoughts on Texas Hemp Convention 2020

It was an exhausting three days of walking, talking, and learning but it was well worth the time and investment. I look forward to next year’s event and attending Oregon Hemp Convention for more media coverage.

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