Happy Joe A-Team

From one battle front to another.

Military Veterans face overwhelming hardships after their service is over. High unemployment rates, suicides, homelessness, and negative stereotypes are some of the common problems they encounter.

We believe the men and women who protect our freedom deserve better. So Happy Joe decided to do something about it.

Taking care of our own.

Our passion is changing the story around our Veterans. In January 2014, Happy Joe launched as a 501c3 non-profit organization to help train, mentor, and employ Military Veterans in web technology.

While we now operate as a Veteran Owned Business, our mission hasn't changed. Happy Joe still offers business mentoring and job opportunities to the military community. We will never stop serving our Veterans.

Happy Joe A-Team Program
Happy Joe Veterans in Web Tech

Hiring Happy Joe supports Military Veterans.

The best way to show your support for Military Veterans isn't by thanking them, but hiring them! We have many talented men and women who want to do great work but need the opportunity. Partnering with Happy Joe provides that opportunity.

All of our team members are Military Veterans or Military Spouses. When you partner with us, you get amazing work but you also support our heroes. We consider this a true win-win.

Happy Joe Name

The name means everything!

When we crafted the Happy Joe name, it is was all about going against the grain. We wanted to be completely different and positive with our brand.

While there are physically and mentally wounded Veterans in our community, as well as horrible stories, we want to combat the negative stereotypes and stigmas that hurt our Veterans. It’s time for a happier and healthier image of our Veterans and their families.

HAPPY: We hope it's obvious. Instead of painting the typical picture of despair, hurt, pain, injuries, or wounds, we wanted to show a happier and positive side of Veteran’s lives. The world needs more good in it.

JOE: “Joe” is a nickname given to US Army soldiers back in WWII. However it’s been used in all branches of the military. It's a historic and generic term that honors all Veterans, regardless of their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or branch of service.

TWO THUMBS UP: Our original tagline “Two Thumbs Up for Military Veterans" communicates that we are good to go or squared away. We opted to stay away from the traditional military salute because we are untraditional.

"Better to fight for something than live for nothing."

- George S. Patton