National Botanicals CBD Review

National Botancials CBD. Made for American heroes.

Ever since Happy Joe shut down our CBD product line we’ve been researching alternative solutions to recommend to our community. There are now literally hundreds, if not thousands, of brands who have entered the CBD industry. We’re going to do the hard work for you and begin sharing our discoveries so you can get the products you deserve.

National Botanicals CBD. Made for veterans by a veteran.

Founded by Aaron Luckey, an Army veteran and health-care products entrepreneur, National Botanicals primarily helps veterans and first responders. Aaron believes proper VA healthcare for veterans is long over-do and started his company to help veterans learn about alternative treatments to prescription medication.

National Botanicals provides a variety of CBD products made in the USA. They use FDA registered facilities and adhere to Good Manufacturing Processes. The company is located in San Antonio, Texas, one of the largest military communities in the United States.

National Botancials CBD Review

What about their products?

While Happy Joe loves supporting veteran owned businesses, we won’t promote any brand unless we believe in their services or products. In the world of CBD, there’s already enough crappy options out there. So how does National Botanicals stack up against the competition?

We received two products to sample and test: Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg (50mg per serving) and CBD Freeze Cream 250mg.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil, 50mg

Full spectrum means you get all the cannabinoids and properties of the plant. Since the full spectrum process captures every extracted compound without exception, they may contain up to 0.3% THC, as allowed by law.

National Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in three strengths, 17mg, 25mg, and 50mg per serving (or roughly 500mg, 750mg, and 1500 mg per 1 ounce bottle). They are available in original, peppermint, and orange flavors and range from $35.99 to $70.79 in price.

Overall it appears to be a high quality product. We reviewed the Certificate of Analysis for UH974 and it passed all standard testing and lives up to the 50mg per serving claim. This is good news! National Botanicals also does a great job with packaging and including pertinent details you should know.

The bad news is the Original CBD Full Spectrum Oil won’t win any awards for taste. As with many CBD oils we’ve experienced, it’s bitter and disgusting. For those used to purchasing Happy Joe Original or Lemon flavors, it will be a shell shock experience to switch! That beings said, you might try peppermint or orange flavors.

CBD Freeze Cream

Finding good CBD topicals to actually provide relief isn’t easy. Many of the salves and lotions available are glorified OTC back pain creams. That’s not the case with National Botanical’s CBD Freeze Cream.

I found this product to be beneficial after using it a few days for back pain. It did provide fast relief and absorbs quickly. In fact, the lotion is very close to what we used to sell at Happy Joe — a favorite many of you miss! It’s available in 250mg for $49.99 and 500mg for $59.99 for an ounce of lotion. This is fairly reasonable for this type of product, but it’s definitely worth the investment.

The Final Verdict on National Botanicals

Despite the bad taste of the original Full Spectrum CBD oil, we didn’t find any other negatives. The products are high quality and the company adheres to industry regulations and has some federal credentials. Plus they are veteran owned and support the community.

Based on our experiences with many other CBD companies and brands, Happy Joe feels good about recommending National Botanicals. Please be sure to check out their website at and use coupon code ‘HappyJoe‘ for a 25% discount.