My Struggle with Health and Happiness

Today I’d like to share about my struggle with health and happiness.

It’s no secret I’m usually an open book about my life, but two years ago I started to shut this down. Being open and transparent can make you a target. People don’t always appreciate authenticity. So I decided to “go underground” to protect myself and limit the collateral damage I sometimes cause.

During this time I was battling severe anxiety and depression. Some days were very dark. To the point I didn’t care about living anymore.

Looking at the surface, it would appear my life was great. People might see the wins for Happy Joe or my travels across the globe and think everything was awesome. While there were good times, all was not good.

There’s something lurking below the surface.

There are demons I’ve battled since being a child. Fears to regrets to experiences I never want to share with anyone. There have been circumstances including massive debt and health issues to push through. There was my attempt to build a successful non-profit and business for a veteran community who doesn’t want to be served. The past several years particularly have been a mess.

Lurking beneath these calm waters have been monsters I was never prepared to handle. And they’ve almost killed me at times.

My story is not unique. Millions of people battle their own demons or monsters daily. The reality is there are many of us struggling with health and happiness issues. We all have something lurking beneath the surface. The good news is we can do something about it.

Healthy and happy lives are possible. I’m doing it right now!

I haven’t shared all of this to ask for pity or to play a victim. If you know me, I hate the victim mentality or the idea of entitlement. The reason I have shared the bad stuff is to give perspective on where I’ve been and where I’m going.

Early this year I made a huge and scary decision; letting go of everything I knew and getting a fresh start.

This meant letting go of unhealthy emotions such as fears, jealousy, hatred, envy, and sadness. It meant letting go of prized business ideas and dreams to do something completely different. It meant making the decision to exercise almost every day, radically change my eating habits, and include use of hemp and cannabis products.

Overall I’ve had to take a hard look at my life and make some very big adjustments.

It has not been easy at all, but there are no regrets. These changes have helped me to be a better person. I’m the happiest and the healthiest I’ve been in quite a while.

Which leads me to Happy Joe.

Struggle with Health and Happiness

Happy Joe is about holistic wellness for all.

Since my announcement to enter the medical cannabis space this year, I’ve noticed many of my non-military friends and family battling anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other wellness related issues. It sucks to see people I love be in pain or suffering from the same experiences. If cannabis and hemp infused wellness products benefited my life, why couldn’t it benefit others?

Happy Joe is no longer just about veterans; we’re about the every day warriors.

Serving veterans will always be a part of our DNA, but it’s time to open up to others. Every single day there are millions of people battling a variety of health issues keeping them from living happy lives. We want to help these ‘every day warriors” win those fights. Compassion for all humanity must come first.

Happy Joe is more than cannabis or hemp infused wellness products.

There’s no doubt about the medical benefits of cannabis, CBD, or hemp, but these are just a few tools at our disposal for overall wellness. We can take all the CBD oil in the world, but if we don’t practice healthy living choices, it won’t matter. Proper exercise and nutrition, in addition to community and purpose, are a few ways to lead happier lives.

We’re all about holistic wellness – and our mission and this website – will reflect that going forward.

Health and Happiness for All

Get your happy on!

I want to invite and encourage you to join me on this new journey. Ask questions. Join our Facebook group. Attend our Facebook Live events. Share your experiences. Do whatever it takes for you to get going. And always remember this … you are not alone.

Happy Joe is hear to help you discover health and happiness. Regardless of your background or age or whether you’ve served in the military or not. It’s time to get your happy on.