My story. Let's get real.

That's what I asked myself a couple of years ago as I fought through deep depression and suicidal thoughts. Dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, and demons from the past were having a profound affect on my outlook of life. I was fucked up and in a very dark place. There were many days when I stared at the Glock 19 sitting by the bed and wondered if today would be the day I pulled the trigger on myself.

It's sobering to think how the challenges of life could cause someone to contemplate or even commit suicide.

Yet here I was at a crossroads. The pills doctors gave me didn't help. Neither did drowning myself in booze. I was overweight and unhealthy, trying to build a company that wasn't making much money. Life was a real shit show. It seemed the best option was an exit strategy. But there was still a sliver of hope.

Time for Change

Wellness begins with realizing something is wrong, then doing something to change your destiny.

Thank God I was sober enough to realize there was a big problem and I needed help. I told a friend about what was going on and he paid for me to go see a psychiatrist. That was the first step in the right direction. Counseling is VERY beneficial for mental health.

The second step was finding alternative ways to deal with my pain and anxiety. That's when I discovered cannabis and CBD greatly improved my mental state AND reduced or eliminated the problems I was experiencing. Cannabis helped save my life.

Today I'm glad to be alive.

I won't tell you that life is now filled with rainbows and giggles or days of frolicking on the beach naked. That might sell books and get me some interviews, but that's not reality. The truth is there are still challenging days and tremendous obstacles to overcome.

What I can say is I'm totally glad to be alive. 

My perspective has changed greatly. Not only do I feel exponentially better from a mental state, I'm also healthier physically. My life has changed and there are more days filled with positivity than negativity.

I'll share more about my progress via this website and our mobile app, as well as give you some resources that made me better. But please know this ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Walk the wellness journey with us.

My goal and mission is to build a community of wellness seekers who support each other. Happy Joe is about helping you live a happier and healthier life. It doesn't matter where you come from or where you've been. What matters is you have the desire to be on the journey.

I welcome you to reach out to us or to take action towards a better life. Become a part of our community or tribe. Just realize there are others who are driving on each and every day just like you. Together we can make it through.

- James Dalman


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