A military lifestyle brand.

Serving veterans since 2014

Happy Joe is a veteran owned, military lifestyle brand changing the narrative surrounding our military veterans. Since 2014 we've been challenging the status quo and taking an unconventional approach to supporting our veterans.

Our primary goal is using our platform to combat the veteran suicides plaguing our country. We believe there is no greater mission than focusing our efforts on the wellness needs of those who served.

Whether we're connecting veterans to valuable resources, holding a wellness pop-up event, or selling t-shirts, we'll do whatever it takes to save the lives of the people who fought to protect our freedom. That's our promise.


It's better to fight for something than to live for nothing.

General George S. Patton

Happy Joe Name

The meaning behind Happy Joe

The media often portrays veterans as damaged goods or ticking time bombs. This simply isn't true. While some of us have mental or physical wounds from our service, many of us are nothing like the negative stereotypes so pervasive in our culture. We wanted a brand name that changed this perception.

Happy Joe is about showing the world we are good to go, signified by the two thumbs up given by our character Joe Snuffy. The name Joe is an old military term originally given to WWII soldiers but really encompasses ALL who served. And Happy ... well that just lets people know we enjoy our freedom.

James Dalman, Army Veteran

I've had a sincere appreciation for my freedom and military veterans since I was a child. These values were instilled by my Dutch grandparents and mother, who were liberated by the 101st Airborne in WWII, as well by my father who served 13 years in the US Army. Their influence would shape my desire to enlist many years later.

Even though I never deployed, there are demons I battle from my military  and life experiences. The anxiety, depression, pain and suicidal thoughts have been very real. But I've found a way through. My passion is guiding other other veterans towards healthier and happier lives. It's possible to enjoy your freedom. Follow me!

James Dalman and Howard Buford



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