T-shirts with a happy ending.



We know there's a bunch of military lifestyle apparel companies selling t-shirts and other swag in the marketplace. But there's not many veteran brands selling kick ass gear to the rest of us. You know, the other people who served ...

The people who didn't jump out of a perfectly good airplane. The people who didn't get an award for violent paper cuts. The people who didn't kick down doors but stayed in the rear with the gear. The people who aren't special ops bad asses on Ninja Warrior.

There's a lot of veterans and service members who are average Joes, but that doesn't mean we're any less valuable to the mission. It's time we recognize and celebrate the other 99%.

Wash 'em all. Let God sort them out.

We can also appreciate the "Kill 'Em All" or ass stomping type designs out there. Yet we believe some of these t-shirts feed into so many negative stereotypes that we don't need. Why not celebrate that you're a lover and not a fighter instead?

Happy Joe apparel is about spreading positive vibes and giving back. This is why we won't do aggressive style clothing ever. We want our gear to make people feel better. The world is already angry enough. Let's get our happy on instead.

We'll be releasing new designs and apparel soon. We've got dozens of ideas and are getting feedback from our community and Green Team members. You'll be in the know for their upcoming release.


What makes our t-shirts so special? Besides having a different vibe to our messaging, all designs are created by military veterans. We support those who served by providing jobs. We also take 10% of our profits to help fund medical cannabis and medical cards for veterans who can't afford it. We're doing what the VA and government refuses to do for these warriors.

Please shop knowing you support a great cause. You'll smile from the warm fuzzy feeling of doing something good.