Memorial Day Thoughts from a Proud Marine Veteran

My husband, Frank Spady, and I have known our good friend John Cole for many years now. John is a Marine veteran and Frank an Army vet. You can imagine the friendly banter that happens between these two that served in different branches of the military.

Today, with Memorial Day quickly approaching, John posted on Facebook something that I would like to share here at Happy Joe (with his permission, of course).  I’ve always been so impressed with John’s writing skills and his patriotism. His Memorial  Day thoughts touched me…and I think they will you too.

Memorial Day Thoughts

Memorial Day Thoughts from John Cole, a Proud Marine Veteran

Memorial Day – do people really know or understand what it represents? In theory, it’s a day in which we honor those that have fallen while serving in our military in defense of our nation, our culture and our rights. These are the people that let us live freely in a world so often layered by dictatorial or genocidal “leaders”. We are an island, an experiment, a bastion of freedom, a nation of laws, a beacon for the world.

Please let us never forget those that came before us and gave “the last full measure of devotion” so that we may be free and live in the greatest nation in the world. And to those willing to infiltrate us to attempt to do us harm and bring us down, I say – “bring it on”. We’re not still here today 240 years later because we weren’t willing to fight for what we have and love. On the contrary, we’ll do what it takes to secure our freedoms – for ourselves, our children, and for generations of Americans to come.

And to those that have lost loved ones in the service of our country, I sincerely say “thank you” – for you know and understand fully the very sacrifice that at times needs to be made to continue our way of life.

So as you enjoy this holiday weekend, please take a moment of your time to quietly or overtly thank those that gave their all so that the rest of us may enjoy our lives, our days, our families, and our nation. After all – we are Americans!

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