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Medical Marijuana News — January 2016

January has been a busy month for medical marijuana news. Las Vegas is spreading its wings in the medical marijuana world and harvests are coming in. Uber gets in on the marijuana scene in Seattle, HempCon meets its match, and Surna snags a big contract.

medical marijuana news

Medical Marijuana News in Las Vegas

Harvest time is always an exciting event, and Las Vegas is no exception. Nevada Organic Remedies was recently highlighted in the Las Vegas Review Journal. CEO Andrew Jolley takes growing seriously. Their facility has over 60 cameras guarding their flower, vegetation, and cloning rooms.

Nevada Organic Remedies takes pride in their strains and they are currently cloning Boss Hog No. 6, Mother’s Finest, and Pineapple Express.

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Seattle Supports Uber for Legal Marijuana Delivery Program

Seattle is known for being progressive about their cannabis. Now a new bill is making its way through the Washington State Legislature. City Attorney Pete Holmes and even the Mayor Ed Murray are voicing their support for delivery services.

The Mayor’s opinion is not going unnoticed…and not always in a good way. Local media outlets are threatening to not let unlicensed marijuana delivery service advertise.

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HempCon Ousted from San Jose Convention Center

HempCon, dubbed “America’s largest medical marijuana festival” seems to have gone up in smoke and is making a last minute relocation. San Jose big wigs have put the kibosh on HempCon’s convention center contract.

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Surna, Inc. Closes Contract with Indoor Cannabis Grower

Surna Inc., a technology company that has cutting-edge equipment for cannabis cultivation has landed a contract with a Las Vegas cultivator. The contract is for approximately $750,000 and it is with Cloud 9 Wholesale.

Surna is based in Boulder, Colorado and prides itself on their engineering team that has created a signature water-cooled climate control platform. They specialize in catering to the specific demands of the burgeoning cannabis industry.

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