Cannabis training for veterans is an investment.

Happy Joe strongly supports and invests in medical cannabis training for veterans. Equipping our veterans with the knowledge for growing cannabis as well as launching careers in the industry is valuable to our overall mission. Teaching a man to fish and providing the fishing supplies has always been a part of what we do.

Happy Joe is partnering with leading experts and advisors in the cannabis industry to develop top-notch medical cannabis training courses. Working with cannabis experts and companies helps us make a greater impact for the needs of veterans' lives.

Medical Cannabis Training for Veterans

Medical cannabis training helps veterans in many ways.

Investing in cannabis training benefits the military community in a variety of ways. Online courses allow veterans the opportunity to learn about cannabis cultivation, growing, microdosing, and cooking to help with their medical needs. Business training enables them to launch successful companies in the industry. Career focused modules give veterans the edge in securing employment with cannabis companies.

As the cannabis industry continues to explode, there will be a huge need for an honest and dependable workforce. Veterans are a perfect fit for these growing needs and Happy Joe is at the forefront of providing qualified candidates to companies looking to recruit the best talent.

Happy Joe will be launching our medical cannabis training program in Fall 2018. If you would like more information, want to sponsor content, or are interested in advertising with us, please connect with us to learn more.