Happy Joe is Proud to Partner with LifeFlip Media

Happy Joe partners with Life Flip Media

Happy Joe is excited to announce we’ve partnered with LifeFlip Media to tell the warrior’s story.

LifeFlip Media is a veteran owned business and public relations firm based in Portland, Oregon. Their clients include Grunt Style, Combat Flip Flops, ‘Merica Bourbon, and the Bunker Labs. LifeFlip focuses on supporting and growing veteran owned organizations by using modern digital public relation tactics, inbound marketing strategies, and an extensive network of mainstream media outlets. Their objective is being the voice for the warrior class and military veterans.

Eric Mitchell, CEO and founder of LifeFlip Media, is one of America’s leading advocates for veteran entrepreneurs. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Eric began his career in Silicon Valley as a Public Relations Director in the high tech field. He was named one of Huffington Post’s “Veteran Entrepreneurs You Should Know” in 2017.

Happy Joe rebranding Life Flip Media

Eric Mitchell connected with James Dalman, CEO of Happy Joe, to discuss ideas for investing in the military community. These leaders have an insane desire to make a difference in the lives of veterans and military spouses. It didn’t take long for both to build a rapport with each other and make the decision to partner together.

Happy Joe’s elite group of digital warriors will begin rebranding LifeFlip Media. Their ‘Joes‘ will be responsible for creating a new brand identity, website, and marketing materials for the public relations firm. We’ll also be serving their clients in a variety of roles. Happy Joe will be unveiling all of the new project work soon.

Life Flip to take over PR for Happy Joe

LifeFlip Media will be leading the charge for all public relations efforts for Happy Joe. Their talented team will connect us with a broader audience and build our reach in the military community. LifeFlip has already secured interviews for us, including CBS Radio’s Connecting Vets with Eric Dehm. They’re experts at public relations and we’re honored to partner with them!

Happy Joe and LifeFlip Media have big plans for the future. We can’t wait to share more about our combined events and other initiatives in 2018.