Last Call for Happy Joe CBD

Last Call for Happy Joe CBD

Today is extremely difficult for me because I have to share some bad news. Happy Joe CBD is closing and we’re offering one last call.

The hardest part of this decision isn’t about the many thousands of dollars invested in this product or the insane amount of hours spent into building this CBD brand; the hardest part is the gut wrenching feeling that we’re letting our community down.

The life-changing stories and testimonials of military veterans and patriotic Americans who have benefited from our CBD products is absolutely incredible. These stories kept us motivated and going every single day. Yet we’re in a battle I don’t think we can win.

Why it’s last call for Happy Joe CBD

While there’s incredible opportunity in this billion dollar industry, there’s also serious challenges for smaller companies.

We can’t process credit cards at the moment.

Despite hemp being federally legal, our merchant accounts for credit card processing have been closed numerous times. If we can’t process online orders, we lose customers and money. PayPal, Stripe, QuickBooks, and other payment options have shut us down due to their asinine anti-hemp policies.  

Interestingly, larger companies such as Sephora and CVS are able to avoid these challenges. Companies with big bank accounts can often break the rules and skirt by the regulations imposed on smaller brands like Happy Joe.

It’s not a fair playing field, but then life or business is never fair.

We refuse to silence our right to freedom of speech.

Stricter regulations are absolutely needed for the sale of cannabis and hemp products. This is for our safety. Yet the FDA is actively pursuing and shutting down CBD companies who make any type of health claims to the benefits of cannabidiol.

Unfortunately we’ve seen egregious claims that CBD can “cure” everything from cancer to PTSD … and this must be stopped! So we support the FDA and other agencies with these efforts. Yet there are personal stories, anecdotal evidence, and outside research showing how cannabis or CBD has or could benefit a variety of health issues. As educators, I believe we have the right to share information with you about how it’s benefitted others, so you can come to your own conclusions. The FDA doesn’t see it this way.

While Happy Joe has never made false claims about CBD or cannabis, we’ve been told we must remove ANY information relating to the benefits of CBD as well as the mention of cannabis. If we don’t, we will never have any merchant accounts and will likely receive cease and desist letters from the FDA soon.

My first priority is always education and honest advice. Therefore I refuse to be bullied by any government agency or organization. 

We don’t know how the FDA will classify CBD.

On top of these other two big challenges, the FDA has yet to make a determination on how to handle and classify CBD. They can choose to classify it as a dietary supplement or a pharmaceutical drug. If they choose the latter, then almost every CBD company will be gone overnight.

Because we know Big Pharma has deep pockets and influence over the FDA, I suspect the worst. 

The FDA and government currently believe there is no medical value to cannabis or CBD, yet the FDA, in its hypocrisy, has approved a CBD drug called Epidiolex — with a whopping cost of $35,000 per year for a patient. Additionally, the federal government also holds many patents relating to cannabis and CBD. 

It’s clear that future decisions regarding cannabis or hemp products will likely be motivated by power or greed.

We don’t have the resources or energy to fight this battle anymore.

Having a strong military background and experience has taught me that some battles will be victorious and others will not. That’s the reality of the situation and it’s OK.

I prefer we continue to adjust our strategy so Happy Joe can succeed at our overall mission, which is always the most important objective. We’ve pivoted before and we can do it again. Sigh!

Get your Happy Joe CBD before it’s all gone.

We have a limited supply of Happy Joe CBD inventory left in stock. We can accept orders in the following ways:

  1. Order by phone. Call us at (405) 761-5922 we can process a credit or debit card order for you.
  2. Pay by check. Go through the ordering process as you normally would and choose the check option and follow the details.
  3. Pay by ACH direct deposit. Go through the ordering process as you normally would and choose the direct deposit option and follow the details.

As a thank you for all of your previous support and having to go through a lengthier process, every product is being sold for a discount. New prices are reflected on the website.

So it’s last call for Happy Joe CBD.

When our current inventory is sold out, we have a couple of great CBD companies we will partner with and refer you to. So don’t worry! We will make sure you can continue to find equally great products elsewhere.

What’s next for Happy Joe?

That’s a great question and one I will answer in the next couple of weeks. 

We’ve been developing an app for the military community in addition to some new products and services. Regardless, Happy Joe isn’t going away anytime soon. This is just another obstacle in the road.

As always, we appreciate the support so many of you have provided us. Every day that we are able to serve veterans is a win in my books, even if we have to change tactics or strategies.

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.

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