10 Reasons for Hiring Veterans

10 Reasons Why Hiring a Veteran is a Smart Business Move

So your business is growing and you need to expand. Is hiring a veteran on your list of things to do? It is not only patriotic but it can be a big boost to your business. Let’s look at why hiring a veteran is a smart business move.

10 Reasons for Hiring Veterans

10 Reasons Why Hiring a Veteran Works for Businesses

  1. Veterans have integrity. If you expect your employee to be honest and hardworking, then look no further than at a veteran. They are quite familiar with long days, rising early in the morning and working until late in the evening. The culture of a veteran breeds a deep sense of accountability and authenticity.
  2. Preparation and order. Veterans were trained from day one in the military to methodically plan their mission to ensure the process is flawless. Hiring a veteran means preparedness, whether in the office, the field, or retail locations.
  3. Leadership in action. Many veterans, both male and females, have leadership roles in the military. These veterans are prime candidates to quickly advance and lead the business to success. Your best clients will also feel well taken care of behind the leadership of a vet.
  4. Technically advanced. Not only do veterans learn technology, but they are often trained in the most advanced trends and developments. Even after service, many veterans take advantage of VA provided training available from top schools and universities.
  5. Veterans are team players. Hiring a veteran provides you with an employee that knows the importance of working together with a team. They feel an authentic responsibility to their coworkers. If one of your other employees is falling behind a veteran will help. No one will be left behind. That is ingrained in a vet.
  6. Victory and perseverance in tough times. When you are hiring a veteran, there is no reason to think that they will give up when the going gets tough. They have conquered many obstacles in their service and are trained to persevere and triumph over any hardship in their way.
  7. Ease of diversity. Military veterans have worked alongside fellow service members of many different races, ethnic backgrounds, origins, religions, and economic standing. In the military they are all the same.
  8. Can easily meet any safety and health standards. Veterans are extensively trained in the safety and health protocols necessary to run the best military in the world. When you are hiring a veteran you can rest assured that safety standards, whether OSHA enforced or your own criteria, are met.
  9. An entrenched respect for authority. From the first experience in bootcamp to the implementing of duties, a member of the military knows that respect for authority is not an option but an expectation strictly enforced.
  10. There may be tax incentives. The United States Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration has a Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). This is a federal tax credit that is sometimes available to employers when they hire people from predetermined target groups who have faced obstructions to employment. For example, a veteran that is a member of a family that has received food stamps for at least three months may be eligible. To learn more, click here.

Do you have anything more to add to our list of why hiring a veteran pays off? Let us know in the comments section below.

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