The Name is Everything!

When we crafted the Happy Joe name, it is was all about going against the grain. There are plenty of negative style names out there and that doesn't help change the story and perspective of veterans. That's why you will rarely see any negative stories or images with us.

We understand and realize there are physically and mentally wounded veterans in our community and we don’t take that lightly. Yet we must remove the stigmas and stereotypes that surround us. It’s time for a happier and healthier image of our veterans and their families.

HAPPY: We hope it's obvious. Instead of painting the typical picture of despair, hurt, pain, injuries, or wounds, we wanted to show a happier and positive side of veteran’s lives. The world needs more good in it.

JOE: “Joe” is a nickname given to US Army soldiers back in WWII. However it’s been used in all branches of the military. It's a historic and generic term that honors all veterans, regardless of their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) or branch of service.

TWO THUMBS UP: Our mantra is “two thumbs up for our military veterans." We know it’s kinda quirky, but it communicates we are good to go or squared away. Besides we didn't want to go all traditional military and use a salute.

Happy Joe Name