Happy 420 from Happy Joe

Happy 420 from Happy Joe!

Happy Joe is stoked to launch our brand new mission and website on such a meaningful day. Our dream to move into the medical cannabis space has been in the works for two years and the day has finally arrived.

We announced last week our intent to focus on medical cannabis for military veterans going forward. The feedback we’ve had from people inside and outside the military community has been amazing. It’s humbling to see the positive support for this big change in our business plan.

Happy 420 from Happy Joe

An open frontier ahead.

The opportunities in the cannabis industry are quite incredible. While there are many paths Happy Joe can take in this open frontier, we’re heading in the direction of education and training. We believe people, particularly in the military community, are going to need an experienced and trustworthy guide for medical marijuana. Education is critical for the consumption of cannabis and it’s use for mental wellness. Our goal is to be the #1 resource for veterans.

Once our company has established a larger foothold in our niche, Happy Joe will partner with cannabis companies to develop a line of products geared specifically to military veterans. We’re interested in licensing our brand to businesses who match up with our mission. There are already some great conversations in the works.

Veterans are still the focus.

Ever since we launched the Happy Joe brand, serving veterans has been our number one priority. This passion isn’t changing now or in the future.

The freedom I’ve enjoyed over 37 years is due to the men and women who served before me to ensure I had that freedom. In fact, I might not be alive today had it not been for the liberation of my grandparents on 17 September 1944, in Nazi occupied Holland. The sacrifices made by our veterans is why I do what I do.

Happy Joe will always have an interest in serving our veterans and my friends in the military. 

Mental wellness and great health is the priority.

What I’ve learned the past four years was that the greatest need for veterans isn’t jobs and benefits; it’s the hope for happiness, peace of mind, and purpose.

Employment opportunities and career transitioning are a challenge for our troops leaving the military, but having the right mindset is critical before they can find success in a new career or in their relationships post-service. It’s important to state this doesn’t mean all veterans are battling mental health issues or physical wounds. We’re not all ticking time bombs or damaged goods. Rather, there are many of us who have endured some sort of pain from our service.

Happy Joe is teaching veterans how to use medical marijuana to improve mental wellness. 

Cannabis has proven to be effective solutions for PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, seizures, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. You’ll be able to hear the life changing experiences of veterans in our upcoming video series. But cannabis is just one tool we will use to achieve our mission. Happy Joe is also helping veterans understand that nutrition, exercise, community, hobbies, and purpose are equally important for their well being. We are taking a holistic approach to happiness and peace of mind.

It’s time to jump out of the airplane!

We’ve got the green light and it’s go time. There’s no more holding back, no more waiting, no more fear. OK, maybe just a little.

Medical cannabis for military veterans is the future of Happy Joe. There’s a lot of risk involved but we continue to live by the quote from General George S. Patton …

It’s better to fight for something than live for nothing.

I sincerely appreciate the positive support from friends and family as I make this transition for our company. I hope the military community will embrace us and help us grow as well. Together we can do great things for our brothers and sisters who served.

Happy 4/20 from Happy Joe. Enjoy your freedom. Get your happy on.