The Freelancing Marketplace to Hire U.S. Military Veterans

Freelancing is a growing trend in our country. More people are choosing to join the freelance economy than ever before. Predictions show that 60% of our workforce will be freelancing by 2020. Freelancing provides a way of life that is both rewarding and satisfying. It’s no wonder why people choose to go this route. And it’s why Happy Joe is launching a freelancing marketplace for military veterans.

Freelancing marketplaces have also become big business. Upwork, Crew, TaskRabbit, Codeable, and AngiesList have proven the business model works and is needed. Billions of dollars are generated by these companies and freelancers have been quick to sign up for their services. These marketplaces can provide project work they might not otherwise be able to secure. It can be a perfect match.

Freelancing Marketplace Military Veterans

Military Veterans Need Work Too

The unemployment rates among military veterans can be very high. The men and women who have served often find it difficult to find a career after their military service is over. There can be challenges veterans face that make it difficult to get hired with traditional bricks and mortar companies. PTSD, physical wounds, readjusting to the civilian world, and negative stereotypes sometimes limit the opportunities available to our veterans. What is the solution?

Freelancing provides military veterans and their spouses with viable career options.

Our military men and women have skills and training that’s valuable in the civilian world. Their abilities will vary, but all have something to offer the world post-service. While some of these skills might not fit the traditional business model, they could be a perfect fit for the freelancing marketplace. That’s where Happy Joe can help them.

Freelancing Marketplace to Hire U.S. Military Veterans

Happy Joe has been mentoring and training veterans since 2013 and we’ve worked with some talented people. One of the biggest problems hasn’t been finding veterans with valuable skills, but finding sustainable work opportunities for these veterans. So we decided to launch a freelance marketplace for veterans and their spouses only.

Why a marketplace to hire veterans?

There are thousands of clients looking for trusted, professional service providers. There are thousands of qualified and talented military personnel who can deliver the goods. Our objective is bringing them together for one happy experience.

Happy Joe is different from the other freelancing marketplaces in a variety of ways.

  • We operate as a non-profit organization and put people first.
  • We eliminate commission fees to our freelancers. They keep all that they earn.
  • We provide free education, training, and mentoring to our veterans to ensure their success.
  • We offer a professional concierge service to make your life easier.
  • All of our project work is completed by military veterans and spouses.

Our objective is being a long-term solution that benefits our veterans and the people who want to partner with us. Our goal is becoming sustaining instead of relying mostly on donations.

Hire Our Joes

Hire Our Joes

Happy Joe has a great talent base with a variety of skill sets. Our veterans are ready to serve and work with you on your next project. You can get dependable, trustworthy talent based in the United States and provide work for our military heroes.  It’s a true win-win.

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