Freelancer Training for Military Veterans and Military Spouses


Freelancer Training for Military Veterans and Military Spouses

Are you ready to level up your freelancing business skills? That’s great news because Happy Joe is launching all new training for our friends in the military community. And it's all free!

Happy Joe will provide you with the tactical to practical advice to lead you towards success.

Our goal is helping military freelancers build sustainable and profitable businesses. Our team has trained thousands of independent professionals and our training is based on real world experience. We're excited to serve our military men and women with these free resources.

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Freelancer Survival School

Freelancer Survival School

Freelancing provides military veterans and military spouses with the perfect business opportunity to meet their lifestyle and financial needs. Join our Freelancer Survival School to learn how to survive and thrive as a freelancer.


Facebook Live Events

These power sessions (10-15 minutes) are designed to give you the stuff without the fluff. Participants will have time to ask questions at the end of the broadcast. Follow or Like our Happy Joe Facebook page for announcements.