Freelancer Survival School

Launch a Successful Freelance Business


Happy Joe offers a 12 session course called Freelancer Survival School to all active duty service-members, veterans, and military spouses. We welcome military people from ALL branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, regardless of which era they served.

Why Consider Freelancing?

We are in the age of the freelance economy where talented people are seeking to work as independent contractors instead of full-time employees. Research shows that 40% of our country's workforce consists of freelancers or other work for hire professionals and this number is expected to climb to over 50% by 2020.

This new shift has been brought on by the horrible economic conditions, corporate downsizing, and employee dissatisfaction. Professionals in a variety of industries and skills are foregoing traditional employment and have chosen to build careers as a solopreneur or free agent in the market place. This is happening now and it’s the way of the future.

There are 53 million freelancers in America today.

By 2020, 50% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers (this does not mean they are all full-time freelancers, but one of every two workers will be freelancers in some capacity).

- Forbes, The Rise of the Freelancer Economy 

Freelancing is perfect for military veterans.

Freelancing provides military veterans or service members the opportunity to make a great full-time or part-time income. Freelancing allows them to work around their lifestyle needs, disabilities, and even deployments. And in many cases, the veteran or service member already possesses some sort of skills or training they can make a living from.


  • 12 Online Lessons

    Work at your own pace.
  • Course Materials

    Everything is provided.
  • Weekly Mentoring

    Mentoring by professionals.
  • Ongoing Support

    Stay connected and learn.

Developed by Veterans for Veterans

Freelancer Survival School was created and developed by a U.S. Army Veteran for Military Veterans. All course material comes from 28 years of proven experience in the freelancing economy and is geared specifically for the military community.

What's Included in Freelancer Survival School?

Happy Joe provides 12 basic training modules that guide our students through the most critical lessons for surviving and thriving as a freelancer. All instruction is available online. Students can interact with the lessons by desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

The Freelancer Survival School Modules include:

  • Overview of Freelancing
  • Understanding the Pros and Cons of Freelancing
  • Discovering Your Strengths and Opportunities
  • Building a Great Brand and Experience
  • Marketing for Sales Success
  • Selling Value and Earning Better Profits
  • Finding the Perfect Clients and Keeping Them
  • Managing Your Business for Better Results
  • Creating a Solid Business System
  • Dealing with Charlie Foxtrots and Other Problems
  • Setting Expectations and Guidelines for Success
  • Working with Contractors

Freelancer Survival School also includes bonus materials including interviews with freelancing experts, business and training resources, and discounts to outside vendor resources.

Office Hours

All students of the Freelancer Survival School will have online access to our cadre of instructors during set office hours. Students will have the opportunity to ask for valuable advice via our private mentoring app.

Ongoing Support

Happy Joe believes that ongoing support and mentoring is critical for the success of our veterans. All students who successfully complete their training will have lifetime access to:

  • Private Slack Channel
  • Membership Resources
  • New Educational Materials

Freelancer Survival School will launch in 2017!


Freelancer Survival School will open back up for registration in 2017.

We have 12 free seats available to qualified military personnel on a first come, first serve basis. More spots for this course will be offered (price TBD) and sold.

All students must be a U.S. Military Veteran, Military Spouse, or Service Member. Proof of service will be required before being accepted into this course.