A Military Lifestyle Brand

Happy Joe has been fighting for our military veterans since 2013. While we’ve adapted and improvised over the years, our mission to combat the veteran suicides plaguing our country has never changed. Today we continue to stand up for our freedom fighters and their rights to access cannabis for wellness.

The government refuses to change their stance on cannabis, yet continues to poison our veterans with dangerous pharmaceuticals. We can’t rely on the VA to do what is right for those who served. Good people who have protected our freedom are dying needlessly. Advocacy is no longer enough!

Happy Joe is taking an unconventional approach to serving our veterans who deserve happier and healthier lives. Every product we create and sell has a specific purpose; provide free cannabis resources to disabled veterans who can’t afford it. We will do what it takes to save lives. People before profits.

It is time for the story to change from tragedy to triumph. Together we can give the finger to the “man” while investing in a great cause.

Giving back is in our DNA

Happy Joe believes people should always come before profits. This is why we use 20% of our net profits to fund medical cannabis supplies to disabled veterans in need. We also partner with other cannabis and CBD companies to get free products into the hands of people who truly need it.

Happy Joe Supports Veterans

The meaning of our name

We wanted to create a name that went against the negative stereotypes surrounding military veterans. While some of us battle mental and physical wounds, we're not all broke dicks or ticking time bombs. It was time to communicate the positive side to those who served.

While our brand was originally designed specifically for the military crowd, Happy Joe is not about one branch of service, a specific gender, or people crazy enough to enlist. Happy Joe represents the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It's about being "good to go" and enjoying our freedom. All are welcome.

James Dalman

Founder, U.S. Army Veteran

I've had a sincere appreciation for my freedom and military veterans since I was a child. These values were instilled by my Dutch grandparents and mother, who were liberated by the 101st Airborne in WWII, as well by my father who served 13 years in the US Army. Their influence would shape my desire to enlist many years later.

Even though I never deployed, there are demons I battle from my military and life experiences. The anxiety, depression, pain and suicidal thoughts have been very real. But I've found a way through. My passion is guiding other others towards healthier and happier lives. Follow me!

James Dalman, Happy Joe


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