T-shirts with a happy ending!

Happy Joe is a lifestyle brand created to inspire freedom, happiness, and generosity. Our passion is making the world a better place, one t-shirt at a time.

Happy Joe is a t-shirt company established by James Dalman as a way to make the world a better place. He had no idea it would become a way of life for so many people.

The concept originated with our founding fathers sense of independence and rebellion, which James saw one hot day in June during a divine revelation. George Washington came to him in a daydream and said ...

"This country was not meant for people to struggle along making minimum wage, living paycheck to paycheck. It was created by go getters who said, FUCK IT, enough is enough, I want my piece and I'm going fishing."

He realized the important values so many people had given up since childhood in their search for the fake American dream.

A new found respect was born for the best things in life; true freedom, cold beer, sunshine, surfing naked, blue dream, cool cars, big fish, indie music, street tacos, authenticity, sunglasses, and a love for the outdoors. Suddenly everything took on a new meaning.

That day the Happy Joe t-shirt company was formed. One guy hanging out in his garage deciding to forever change the shabby way of life he'd been taught. James escaped the machine and has since led others to escape the boredom and selfishness of this world.

There are two rules to being a part of our community:

1) Enjoy your freedom and appreciate life.

2) Never explain the secret. A person's freedom is never free. If they want to know why you smile, they'll have to buy a t-shirt to find out.

Inspire generosity. Give back.

The idea of starting a movement isn't enough! We all have an opportunity to make the world a better place by being compassionate and living generously. This is why 10% of our profits are used to help fund a variety of worthwhile causes -- from veteran initiatives to LGTBQ resources to saving the sea turtles. There is no greater reward than using our time and resources for global good.