Fireleaf OKC West Dispensary Review

Fireleaf OKC West Dispensary Review

Ever since Oklahoma legalized medical cannabis use, Happy Joe has been doing recon on local dispensaries. We want to share the best places for Oklahomans and our military veterans to get their cannabis products.

Choosing a dispensary should not be based on location or pricing, though those are important factors. We believe the priority should be purchasing from people who care about their customers and safety first. What you put into your body is more important than a cheap deal. Plus having the best education makes for a better experience when starting your cannabis journey.

Fireleaf OKC West Review

Fireleaf OKC West was the first Oklahoma dispensary to get my business when I received my medical marijuana card.

Walking into a dispensary for the first time can be intimidating. Fireleak OKC West made me feel comfortable and their shop was inviting. Their staff was friendly and they had a wide selection of products. I’ll break down some important parts of the experience below.

Staff or Budtenders: A

I’m not an expert or cannabis connoisseur, but I’ve taken many certification classes and done a lot of research given what I do at Happy Joe. I decided to “test” their budtenders for knowledge and experience.

Overall their staff and my budtender that day was very good. They had basic knowledge of cannabis and how it can help certain conditions. The vibe was very fun and relaxed which made purchasing easier.

My only “complaint” was a lack of documentation for COAs on certain products and knowledge about those products. It’s important to know you’re getting cannabis that’s been properly tested and safe.

Product Selection: A+

Fireleaf OKC West has an awesome selection of cannabis products. Their Cannabis Corner provided a wide variety of flower selection including sativas, indicas, and hybrids — both top shelf and lower shelf quality. I chose a gram of Maui Wowie for $10 which was FANTASTIC! If only I could score that again.

They also have some excellent edibles and vape cartridges. My favorites so far has been the Oklahoma Dab Lab 1:1 Pina Colada and Red Dirt Highway Fire 6:1. After all, I’m a lightweight and don’t need much to feel good. Additionally, Fireleaf also has plenty of accessories to go along with your cannabis.

Prices: A+

I’ll admit that I’m more focused on quality than pricing, and I didn’t research prices across Oklahoma City. Overall I didn’t feel like Fireleaf’s prices were high or unreasonable. You get what you pay for.

Military Discount: A

Military veterans received a 10% discount on purchases, which is a standard rate. I don’t expect companies to give products away to veterans, especially since there’s a huge cost to running a business. The good news is Fireleaf also has other specials which can be stacked for deeper discounts.

Overall Grade: A+ and Two Thumbs Up!

Our overall dispensary review of Fireleaf OKC West gives them two thumbs up from Happy Joe. While there is some room for improvements, mostly in staff knowledge of products, I’ve never walked out of the dispensary with a negative experience.

Fireleaf also has seven locations throughout the Oklahoma metro area, so if you don’t live on my side of town, you can check out one of the other stores.