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Cooking with Cannabis – 8 Helpful Tips for the Best Results

Many people who use medical or recreational marijuana have started cooking with cannabis. Although smoking the plant has been the typical method of marijuana users, there are definite unique benefits and effects that come with cooking.

When cannabis is consumed through food items, the effect is different and stronger. You will usually experience a full body effect that lasts longer and is more intense that what you get when you smoke cannabis.

Tip #1: Successfully Cooking with Cannabis may Require Some Practice

Don’t expect to become a master chef at cooking with cannabis the first time you try to whip something special up in the kitchen. Just like with other types of cooking you will need to practice in order to be successful. Your first attempts may not be spectacular but keep at it and eventually you will be able to make tasty and therapeutic dishes that offer relief and are also delicious and appealing.

Tip #2: THC is Fat Soluble NOT Water Soluble

If you plan on cooking with cannabis the first thing that you need to know is that THC is fat soluble, and this compound does not dissolve well in water. Making cannabis tea is not the best way to use this plant if you want to reap the full benefits. Butter, olive oil and coconut oil all work very well at releasing THC from cannabis into the foods that you are preparing.

Tip #3: Avoid High Heat when Using Cannabis for Cooking

Always avoid high heat when you are cooking with cannabis because higher temperatures can degrade the THC and other desired compounds in the cannabis. Most experts recommend a heat between 200 degrees F and 250 degrees F so that these valuable compounds are not degraded or boiled off. Heat helps release these compounds but too much will destroy them as well.

Tip #4: Choose your Recipes and Ingredients Carefully

Before you begin cooking with cannabis make sure that you select your recipes and the ingredients to be used carefully. Some foods may go well with cannabis while others may result in an unusual or unpleasant taste or smell. High quality ingredients and flavor profiles that work well together will give you the best finished results. One of our favorite cannabis recipes is for carrot cake. Click here for the details.

Tip #5: Flavor is as Important as the Compound Levels in the Finished Product

Flavor is a major factor when cooking with cannabis. It does not matter if the prepared foods provide all the benefits that you are looking for if it does not look and taste good. If you do not enjoy consuming the food, all is for naught.

There are online help boards that offer suggestions on how to improve the flavor of the foods and eliminate any unpleasant taste or smell from the cannabis products used.

Tip #6: The End Product is only as Good as the Quality of Cannabis Used

If you plan on cooking with cannabis, make sure that you are using quality cannabis so that you end up with a quality product. Some people use the trimmings and other less desired parts of the plant, or even low quality plant material, and this is a big mistake. Avoid any contaminated cannabis or plant material that shows any sign of mold or other issues. The higher the cannabis quality is the better the edibles that you create will be.

Tip #7: Always Weigh and Measure Ingredients

Cooking is all about weights and measurements, and this is true whether or not you are adding cannabis to the recipes that you are making. Always weigh and measure everything so that you get consistent results every single time. You should also know the cannabis concentration in the commercial or homemade oils and butters that you are using as well.

Tip #8: Grind the Cannabis for the Best Taste and Results

You should always grind the cannabis before cooking with cannabis so that you get the best results and a more appealing taste in the foods that you make. No one wants to take a bite of brownie and chew on a stem. Grinding the cannabis also helps the plant release the THC and other compounds that you are trying to get, and it offers a uniform taste and texture in the finished product.

As edibles and infused products become more popular, more people will be experimenting and cooking with cannabis. Do you have a favorite recipe or cooking method you like? Let us know in the comment section below.

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