Coming Down from a Serious Marijuana High

7 Tips for Coming Down from a Serious Marijuana High

Getting a serious marijuana high can be a very scary ordeal. Extreme paranoia, off the chart anxiety, and even severe body shakes are just a few symptoms you might experience from getting stoned.

The good news is you won’t die. No one has ever had a fatal overdose from using cannabis. The challenge is riding out the intense high until it fades away.

How did I get so high?

There are many reasons why you could encounter a serious marijuana high.

Cannabis contains THC, a psychoactive ingredient that alters your perception. Some strains of the plant have WAY more THC than others. When you ingest or smoke a strain with a high concentration of THC, you’re going to shoot to the moon!

Marijuana is also a personal experience that affects each person differently. Your body weight, time of day ingested, whether you’ve consumed on a full or empty stomach, and tolerance levels all influence how stoned you will get.

Then there are the people who consume too much for their first time. Especially with edibles. That candy bar looks so delicious you eat the whole thing and then several hours later you’ve melted into the couch and feel too paralyzed to move. Happy Joe always recommends going slow when first starting out.

How do I come down from a serious marijuana high?

Whether you’ve already crossed that threshold into that uncomfortable hell or are planning to try cannabis soon, these survival tips will help you.

Remain calm and breathe!!!

I know it’s easier to said than done, but take deep breaths and relax. I promise you will make it through. The feeling can be very unpleasant but the more you worry, the worse you will feel. Using meditative breathing practices brings you back into balance.

Use CBD Oil or CBD Flower.

Cannabidiol (or CBD) counteracts the THC in cannabis. While the two work together to benefit your body, CBD will reduce the effects of THC and bring your high down quickly. This is the best method I’ve found personally.

Place a few drops of Full Spectrum 1000mg CBD oil under your tongue to mellow your cannabis high. You can also smoke CBD flower to calm your nerves and reduce the THC effects.

Get in a comfortable place.

When you put yourself in a space that’s comfortable or familiar, it will relax your mind and body. Maybe your safe place is on the couch watching Netflix or climbing in bed with the covers over your head. Whatever it is, go to your happy place if possible.

Take a nap or go to sleep.

One of the best ways to avoid the displeasure of a serious marijuana high is to go to sleep. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and drift off into space. Even if you don’t fall asleep, it can greatly reduce your anxiety or paranoia.

Chew on peppercorn.

Peppercorn contains Beta-caryophyllene, a terpene found in cannabis. This terpene can provide a calming effect for your high. You can chew on a few peppercorn balls or eat something topped with a dose of black pepper.

Drink hot tea.

Warm drinks are soothing to the soul. If you have some tea bags handy, brew up a hot cup of tea. Green tea or other herbal tea flavors have helped me many times.

You should also hydrate with water throughout the experience. Many people will get dry mouth or “cottonmouth.” Drinking water is beneficial in many ways.

Enjoy a hot bath or shower.

If you’re at home, then you might consider enjoying a long hot bath. This will help your muscles relax and bring peace to your mind. For baths, I suggest using a bath soak like Aloe Water & Cucumber or Now & Zen. Fragrances can help reduce the anxiety.

If you don’t like baths, then take a hot shower with some scintillating body scrub.

Every little thing, gonna be alright!

Last year was the first time in 25 years that I tried cannabis. Oh how things have changed!

This guy was not fully prepared for the ride I was about to go on. As scary as that experience was (which will be another post) I’ve learned everything is gonna be alright. As stoned or wasted as I’ve been, I have survived. And you will too.

Each of these tips I have used personally. They have all worked to various degrees but the best has been CBD oil. I hope this information is beneficial for your own cannabis journey.

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