5 Tips for Coming Down from a Serious Marijuana High

Getting too high from cannabis happens to the best of us! Even I, a seasoned marijuana smoker, have had to come down from a serious marijuana high.

Different strains of medical cannabis can have different effects on people, even experienced smokers. One of those effects is getting so high you might start to feel paranoid, anxious, or dizzy.

There are a few reasons why you would get a serious marijuana high: 

1.  You smoked too much of a strong strain you weren’t familiar with.

2.  You bought an edible and because you’re an experienced cannabis consumer, you decided you would eat 100 mg instead of taking it slow at 5 mg and waiting.

3.  Or you got some bad weed.  Always purchase from a reliable, trusted source.

Because it’s a different type of high from what you’ve ever experienced, it could make you even more nervous because you’re afraid of what may happen next. I promise you’ll be fine. You just have to get through those weird feelings.

I’m going to share some tips with you on how to handle that high calmly and with ease. As a safety precaution, never ever drive while high, especially if you’re not feeling 100%.

Tips for Coming Down from a Serious Marijuana High

1. Don’t Panic

The first thing to remember is not panic.  Just get some water in your system by sipping slowly. Keep sipping until you start to feel a difference . . . and you will.

2. Find a comfortable space

The next thing is go to the space you feel the most at ease. It could be your favorite sofa in the family room, your office chair, or the basement. Go to that place you feel the most comfortable like you can be yourself. If you feel the most comfortable lying down, go lie down on your bed the same way you would if you were to go to sleep.

3. Take deep breaths

Take some long, deep breaths, go slow and just relax your body. Remember this is a head high you’re trying to come down from. Calming yourself will help a lot.

4. Go to sleep

If you feel sleepy, embrace it and go with it.  Sleeping off a serious marijuana high is best. You’ll likely wake up with dry mouth, but you will be fine. If you aren’t able to sleep, but you’ve managed to relax your mind, sip on some more water.

(If you’re at someone else’s house, go to the passenger seat of your car where it’s quiet and where you can be alone to get through it.  Just in case, treat it the way you would alcohol—do NOT put your keys in the ignition or sit in the driver’s seat.  This is only a safety precaution due to cannabis laws in your particular state of residency.  Sit in the passenger seat.)

5. Drink coffee or tea

The next thing you can do is start making a pot of coffee. If you don’t drink coffee, make some tea instead and drink it. Warm drinks are soothing. Maybe the “munchies” haven’t hit you yet, but in order to decrease your head high, food and water is a must.  Keep drinking your water while you get your pot of coffee or kettle of tea going.

6. Eat some food

After you’ve enjoyed some coffee or tea, get some food into your system. I would suggest eating something you are able to prepare quickly and eat in 20 minutes or less. This could be a sandwich, chips, pasta, soup, cereal, toast, or fruit. Broth is always a good go-to. I would also recommend carbohydrates in the form of pasta or bread.

Your serious marijuana high will end.

Always remember the psychoactive high you’re experiencing will end. It might be unpleasant for a little while, but if your follow these tips, you should start feeling better within 30 minutes to an hour.

I also can’t stress enough — always purchase from a reliable source. If you’re trying a new strain, go slow. And if you’re eating edibles, please take it really slow.

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