Choose Scentsy Over Incense

Why You Should Choose Scentsy over Incense

Whether you smell the flower in it’s natural state or if you burn it, cannabis has a very distinct and strong smell associated with it. If you’re trying to be discreet in your home or office while using cannabis, it can be a challenge to mask the scent.

Burning incense is the usual solution to help cover the smell of cannabis, but incense can be harmful to your health and the environment. This is why you should choose Scentsy over incense.

Full disclosure: My wife is an Independent Consultant for Scentsy and my views are based on my personal experience and research. Some links direct to her Scentsy website.

Choose Scentsy Over Incense

Scentsy is a direct sales fragrance company that has been in business since 2004. They have created the best warmers and scented wax bars in the marketplace. Scentsy also offers diffusers, natural and essential oils, counter cleaners, laundry soaps, and other products. The company is absolutely amazing and stands behind their all of their products.

Choose Scentsy Over Incense

Scentsy is healthier.

Studies have shown that burning incense sticks can cause lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory problems, headaches, wheezing, and asthma complications. Breathing in the toxins from incense is bad for you. Not to mention the soot can make your place look filthy over time.

Scentsy bars are a safe paraffin wax blend and do not give off toxic fumes. They are BPA free, gluten free, lead free, egg free, and formaldehyde-free. Scentsy bars do not contain or release harmful phthalates. A small percentage of Scentsy bar fragrances do contain extremely low levels of non-harmful diethyl phthalate (DEP), commonly used in fragrances to help blend ingredients and to make fragrances last longer.

While there are some people who claim paraffin waxes give off toxins when warmed, Scentsy bars are made to the highest standards and have been deemed safe for use. This is definitely not the case with burning incense or candles.

Scentsy is safer.

Burning incense sticks and scented candles requires a flame and we all know that this can cause fires in our homes or offices. How often have we lit a candle or incense stick and wondered if we put it out after leaving the house?

Scentsy warmers use a low wattage bulb to warm the waxes. The warmers are safe and can be left on 24/7 without catching fire. While you might find online reviews stating that Scentsy warmers have caught fire, these claims are untrue and have been researched by Scentsy’s legal department.  In the instances where this claim was made, it was because people used incorrect bulbs or because of errors not related to the products.  There has never been a documented case of a Scentsy warmer causing any type of fire.

Scentsy smells awesome.

There are a variety of incense products that produce a pleasant aroma, but I’ve often found most incense smells are pungent or overbearing in nature. Incense can turn people off. Scentsy offers a large variety of scented wax bars that people absolutely love!

Whether you like fruity, earthy, manly, feminine, holiday, or beachy scents, Scentsy has got it covered. I am addicted to Havana Cabana because it reminds me of the Caribbean islands and beaches. And yes, it has been known to bring tears to my eyes. Sugar Cookie is absolutely delicious, and if you are using cannabis, it will surely give you the munchies.

Scentsy is also good for dispensaries and stores because certain fragrances have been proven to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Scentsy warmers are groovy.

There are some cool incense burners that are decorative and fun to look at. I won’t dispute that. But Scentsy offers a large variety of warmers that will appeal to a wide range of eclectic or standard tastes.

Scentsy stands behind their products.

It would be foolish to say that everything is perfect with Scentsy. No company can claim that. There will be times when products need to be exchanged or returned, but most consultants and Scentsy will do everything to make it right if there are ever any problems and Scentsy offers a lifetime warranty on all of their warmers. How many candle or incense product companies will do that?

It can be true that purchasing incense or knockoffs can be cheaper than purchasing authentic Scentsy products, but you get what you pay for. Scentsy lasts longer and has a better fragrance quality plus they stand behind the products so in the end it’s a better deal to buy Scentsy.

Stop burning incense and start warming Scentsy!

My wife, Donetta Dalman, has been a Scentsy Independent Consultant for five years. She’s an expert on the products and would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can also go shopping on her website to see what is available for your home or office.

Choose Scentsy over incense. Your life will be better for it.

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