Changing My Mindset Cannabis

Changing My Mindset about Cannabis

Never in a million years would I have guessed that one day I’d be planting my flag in the cannabis industry. It’s not because I think marijuana is horrible or that it goes against my Christian beliefs. Rather, it’s because of my background in smoking marijuana over 25 years ago.

I used to be a teenage stoner who was lit up every day like the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Marijuana brought me peace from the personal tragedies that I suffered. It gave me a calm feeling when I was angry and inspired me to create some of the best artwork I’ve ever created. But there were also huge problems that came with it. Problems I am ashamed to admit.  It’s the negative side that made me flee the “stoner lifestyle” and vow to never smoke it again.

Changing My Mindset Cannabis

Changing my mindset about cannabis.

Cannabis wasn’t even on my radar until my business partners told me how medical marijuana was helping veterans with PTSD and other mental health issues. It’s then I began to hear the personal, life changing stories of veterans who were using cannabis. As I started conducting research, my eyes were opened to a completely new side of marijuana. A side I had never seen or imagined.

A different perspective of the cannabis industry.

The first thing I noticed was that the ideal of the stoner lifestyle has largely been replaced with a professional, more conservative tone about cannabis use. More emphasis has been placed on health over smoking some weed to get stoned. It’s not about getting high but feeling well. The ideals behind marijuana have “grown up” and the hippy vibe has mostly passed away. It’s a completely different mindset and it’s refreshing.

A medicinal focus over recreational use.

The second aspect I found interesting is that there are many people who use cannabis to treat medical problems. PTSD, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Aspergers, anorexia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and cancer have all been helped with medical marijuana. While medical research conflicts on whether cannabis actually works, the stories and testimonies of thousands of people cannot be ignored.

There is more positive than negative.

After weeks of research and discussions and stories, I’ve concluded that medical marijuana has more positive results than negative results for its use. My conclusion doesn’t mean that there are zero problems with using marijuana, but that overall I feel good about being in this industry and promoting it for the right reasons. A lot has changed since my teenage years and it’s exciting to see where this industry will go in the future.

Happy Joe is pro-cannabis and so am I.

Without a doubt, I know my revised stance on cannabis and medical marijuana will not be favorable with certain friends and family. I understand that the decision to support medical marijuana as it relates to veterans will be filled with challenges. Companies I once worked with might distance themselves from Happy Joe. However, I believe with all my being that mental wellness for veterans is critical and something we must pursue as a company. If cannabis allows us to achieve our goals, then the risk associated with cannabis is worth it.

I am truly excited to be planting a flag in this industry. I look forward to partnering and working with a new community. I am happy that I changed my mindset about cannabis. Let the adventure begin.


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