Cannabis Flowers

Cannabis Flowers – We Answer Some Common Questions

When marijuana plants begin to flower it really is quite a beautiful and aromatic experience. The cannabis flowers are the heart and soul of medical marijuana. For a cultivator this is one of the most satisfying stages of growth.

Cannabis flowers are immensely versatile and offer an assortment of medicinal and health benefits. 

Let’s take a look at some FAQs about cannabis flowers and their interesting answers.

Starting with the basics. What are cannabis flowers?

In many ways the marijuana plant is like many other plants. The plants produce cannabis flowers for pollination purposes so that new plants can be produced. It’s a growth cycle similar to many other flowering plants.

Interestingly enough cannabis is part of the cannabaceae family and so are hops that are used to brew beer.

The size and amount of cannabis flowers that each plant produces depends on several factors, including the specific strain, cultivation conditions, nutrients that are available, and the varying amount of light and darkness in each stage.

Do all plants have the same type of flowers?

Like the male variety of many things in nature the male cannabis plants have the showiest flowers. When people think about cannabis flowers they generally visualize the eye-catching flowers that develop on the male cannabis plants when they are in full bloom.

But the buds that are most prized by users of medical marijuana are the female – of course!

The female flower has higher THC amounts than the male. But alas, the male is not totally useless for medical cannabis. Besides providing pollen to produce seeds they make great fathers! The male can also be used for edible items like cannabutter, infusions, and oils.

For medical marijuana what is the preferred flower?

For most medicinal cannabis users (and recreational users) the preferred flower is from the female plant. Since the female cannabis flower typically has the higher THC amounts it is the one most frequently used.

Do cannabis plants ever have both male and female traits?

Yes! When one cannabis plant produces both types of cannabis flowers the plant is called a hermaphrodite, or ‘hermie’ for short. It will have both female and male parts and will produce flowers of each gender. Most cultivators eliminate these plants from their crops since they are capable of pollinating the females.

What are the results if a female plant is pollinated by a male?

When female cannabis flowers are pollinated by a male plant the buds will stop growing and will be less potent. The plant focuses on producing buds that are filled with seeds instead. This greatly lowers the yield and produces a poorer grade of cannabis that is full of seeds – not at all what growers or users want (unless intentionally trying to produce seeds).

Cannabis Seeds

What can flowers from male cannabis flowers be used for?

The male plant is not totally useless! Besides being the pollinator they can be used to make salves and be concentrated. Concentrates are becoming more popular than ever. They can be used to produce honey oil, hash oil, shatter, and dabs.

What is the difference between hemp and cannabis flowers?

There is a big disparity between the two. Hemp is typically from the male cannabis plant and you can think of it as the industrial version. Its THC levels are very low and its flowers and seeds are often used in organic body care products like lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, as well as in health foods.

There is so much more to research and learn about cannabis flowers…and the more states that make it legal, the more research that will be performed.

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