Cannabis education is our priority.

Happy Joe now provides cannabis education for Oklahoma. Our passion is helping others understand the benefits and challenges of using medical marijuana. We guide Oklahomans in making sound decisions about implementing cannabis into their daily lives, as well as understanding the laws meant to keep you safe and in compliance.

The cannabis future for Oklahoma and our country is bright. Our purpose is to ensure you have the best knowledge moving forward. 

Cannabis Education with a Holistic Approach

Happy Joe also takes a holistic approach with our cannabis education. Wellness is more than consuming CBD or cannabis products; wellness is about healthy lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise, careers, relationships, and more.

Our goal is teaching Oklahomans how to incorporate the best practices for a happy and healthy life. Optimal wellness begins with mind, body, and spirit.

Cannabis Education for Oklahoma

How Happy Joe offers cannabis education to Oklahoma.

Our job is to deliver amazing and valuable content to guide you towards wellness through cannabis products. And because everyone has a different learning style, we offer our cannabis education in a variety of of formats including:

  • Top notch articles by industry experts
  • Interviews with cannabis professionals
  • Local and statewide workshops
  • Facebook Live events
  • Online webinars and training

Medical marijuana has proven to be extremely valuable in the treatment of health issues for men and women with health issues. Happy Joe's priority is to ensure Oklahomans have the best education, advice, and resources for medical marijuana.



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