Cannabis Edibles for Military Veterans

Cannabis Edibles for Military Veterans

Cannabis edibles are quickly becoming the most favorite method for consuming marijuana. Edibles are easier to consume, the effects last longer, they are more discreet, and most of them taste great. It’s no wonder people love edibles and have turned this market a $669 million dollar industry. Cannabis edibles are also a great choice for military veterans, if they use them wisely.

Cannabis edibles for military veterans is a wise choice.

Smoking marijuana in the form of a joint can be harsh for some people. And while it’s safer than smoking cigarettes, there can be unhealthy side affects like chest colds or lung irritation. Even with vaporizers making smoking marijuana easier and better, eating cannabis edibles is a wise choice for military veterans because it’s healthier.

Another reason I recommend edibles is because you get a longer lasting effect. The high from smoking flower typically lasts 1-2 hours while an edible high can last 4-6 hours, depending on dosage and body composition. Veterans who need hours of relief would benefit greatly from CBD or THC infused gummies, chocolates, brownies, honey, and beverages. There’s also no need to purchase or carry marijuana paraphernalia.

Finally, cannabis edibles is discreet. Most veterans don’t want to draw attention to their medical cannabis use and edibles are an easier way to medicate without popping smoke. If you want to be incognito, you can.

Tread lightly with cannabis edibles!

While edibles consumption with military veterans is one of the best ways to get relief, it can also one of the scariest if you aren’t careful.

Military people are notorious for eating quickly and we attack plates of food with blinding speed. You don’t want to do this with marijuana edibles or you might find yourself on a very unpleasant trip.

The cannabis effects of edibles can take up to an hour to feel and THC infused edibles can be unpredictable. Just because you don’t feel it now won’t mean you won’t be licking the fur off your couch later. You ALWAYS want to start slow when consuming these products.

Cannabis Edibles

Safety tips for getting started with edibles.

  • Start with a low dose. Remember medical marijuana is about relief and not getting to the moon faster. Take your time, even if it means several sessions to find your proper dose. Start with 1-2 mg and build from there.
  • Read the packaging. Every state requires legal edibles to have the potency in milligrams on the packaging. This allows you to figure out how much THC or CBD you will be ingesting.
  • Practice responsibly. Besides it being illegal to drive medicated, it’s dangerous — especially with potent edibles. Please be responsible while medicating.
  • Purchase from credible dispensaries. It might be tempting to buy that Purple Kush brownie from a friend, but you have no guarantee of what you’re getting. Dispensaries must follow strict guidelines; guidelines to keep you safe.

Remember that each product or cannabis strain will react with your body differently. A tootsie roll might affect you differently than a cookie, even if it’s the same milligrams in THC or CBD. If you see an edible product with a very high dosage like 1000 mg, you probably want to stay clear of it.

Cannabis from edibles stays in your body longer.

It’s important to note that consuming marijuana in the form of edibles will stay in your body longer. This is because the components of cannabis are processed and broken down in your liver before making it in your blood stream. This is mostly important to know in case you have to take a drug test. To learn more about how long marijuana stays in your blood stream, check out this website.

Fortunately, some states have made it illegal for businesses to reject hiring candidates because of their medical marijuana use or even fire them for random drug tests. We recommend you always use any cannabis product responsibly and check with your local, state, and employer guidelines.

Enjoy your freedom!

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, medically or recreationally, then don’t hesitate to try some THC or CBD infused candy or foods. Just remember to go slow and be safe.

Military veterans will find cannabis infused edibles an amazing way to achieve mental wellness. They are very beneficial for anxiety, arthritis, sciatica, depression, sleeplessness, and other health issues.

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