Cannabis Community Veterans

Cannabis Community for Veterans

Cannabis Community for Veterans and Spouses

A cannabis community for veterans and military spouses is critical for well being and happiness, but we encourage people to get together for more than cannabis. Camaraderie is an important aspect of military life and it doesn't need to stop once our service to country is over!

Happy Joe has created an online space where our military community can ask questions, lift each other up, share their medical cannabis expertise, build new relationships, and have fun. Our private Facebook group is a safe way to engage with others. We're also working on local meet ups in states where medical cannabis is legal.

Cannabis Community for Veterans

Happy Joe offers community to all veterans and spouses.

We believe communities shouldn't be separated by branch of service, era served, or whether you were a service member or a military spouse. The way see it, we all bleed red, white, and blue. We are all equal and deserve a place to come together to share our experiences.

Ground rules for our cannabis community:

  • Respect everyone in the group and their privacy
  • Create meaningful conversations that help others
  • Share experiences that benefit others
  • Encourage people and lift them up, not tear them down
  • Refrain from selling your products or services
  • Avoid political or religious discussions
  • Keep offensive, racist, or hateful remarks out of our community 

Happy Joe is hell bent on keeping our online and offline communities a great place for military members from all walks of life. We won't tolerate any infringements to our rules and will ban anyone who breaks the ground rules. Make this a happy place for all. Hooah!



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