Can CBD Help You Have Better Sex?

Can CBD Help You Have Better Sex?

Please note: This post was originally published March 2019.

Sex isn’t the one defining aspect of a good marriage or partnership, and we won’t claim that here. But, let’s be honest, sex is certainly an important tool to living your best married life.

In and of itself, sex is a natural remedy to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and even improving your immune system. Plus it's just plain fun! But there are many reasons couples might not be getting it on these days and CBD could improve your sexless marriage.

Why are so many married couples not having sex?

That's a good question. We could point the finger at many culprits — too many hours at the office, having small children, lack of effort, or not enough pep in your step. These are things you can adapt to. But sometimes there are circumstances that are more difficult. That's what we're going to address here.

If you’re looking for a little more “Netflix and Chill” time, you’ve come to the right place.


Three ways using CBD can improve your sexless marriage.

1. CBD can reduce anxiety in the bedroom.

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a compound found in the hemp plant that has an ever-increasing amount of medical benefits. One of these benefits: it can curb anxiety.

Since bedroom anxiety is a common reason why couples stop having sex, CBD is a way to take the pressure off. The compound has an anxiolytic effect on the body, which relaxes you physically and mentally. When you’re relaxed, body image anxieties or fear of low performance can seem less relevant, allowing couples to be more present during an intimate encounter.

Like anti-anxiety medications, CBD works to stabilize the body’s naturally occurring endocannabinoids, promoting homeostasis within its systems. Unlike anti-anxiety medications, which can have a host of negative side effects, CBD has no known adverse physiological effects.

It’s worth looking into if you’re wanting a more natural way to ease tensions under covers.

2. CBD can be used as a pain-relieving lubricant.

One special feature of CBD is that it can be administered in a variety of ways, meaning you’ve got some options on how to use it for sex. One method that’s gaining popularity is using CBD-infused lubricants.

CBD lubricants have the ability to reduce irritation, vaginal pain or discomfort that many women experience during intercourse. 

Janelle Lassalle from Leafly explains, CBD lubricants “utilize the healing, anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to increase blood flow and circulation. This means heightened sensitivity, relief from dryness and tension, and stronger orgasms.”

Though these lubricants will NOT get you high, they allow you to really feel the pleasurable aspects of sex without the physical annoyances that can sometimes ail a woman’s body.

3. CBD can make you a better “bedtime” communicator.

One of the common reasons couples cease sex is a lack of communication. Astonishingly, many partners don't have a clue what the other likes sexually. Could CBD be the magic pill to help you become a better orator in the bedroom?

Hemp For Fitness reports, CBD promotes better communication because the human brain is filled with cannabinoid receptors. Once in your system, HFF explains, CBD triggers a lot of activity and causes a person to become more expressive and completely focused on what they’re engaged in.

Get your happy on!

When you've been able to work through the issues with your partner, it allows you to delve into the intricacies of what turns you on, what doesn’t, and how to make intercourse better for one another. This can greatly improve your sexless marriage and make for a happier life!

If you're ready to get back in the saddle again, try some CBD to bring the mojo back to the bedroom -- or anywhere else you want to get your happy on.

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