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The Happy Joe blog is geared toward military veterans interested in medical cannabis, but we take a holistic approach to mental wellness. Medical marijuana is just one aspect of our lives. Veterans hoping to achieve a healthy lifestyle must consider nutrition, exercise, community, hobbies, and purpose in order to achieve optimal health. Our articles are written to enhance the overall happiness of our lives.

Happy 420 from Happy Joe

Happy 420! Welcome to the New Happy Joe.

Medical Cannabis for Veterans

Happy Joe To Focus on Medical Cannabis for Veterans

Military Influencer Conference Review

The 2017 Military Influencer Conference was an Epic Success

Five Reasons Military Spouses Make the Best Freelancers

Five Reasons Military Spouses Make the Best Freelancers

Military Influencer Conference

Join Happy Joe at the Military Influencer Conference

Veterans Before Refugees

Veterans Before Refugees. The Narrative Hurts Us All.

Five Great Reasons Military Veterans Should Be Freelancers

Five Great Reasons Military Veterans Should Be Freelancers

qualities of military veterans

30 Qualities of Military Veterans that Make Them Amazing

Truth About Military Veterans

The Truth About Military Veterans

Military to Civilian Transition Tips

Military to Civilian Transition – 5 Tips Your CO Didn’t Tell You

Cannabis Stigma

Change The Cannabis Stigma

Derek Riedle Happy Joe Interview

Interview with Derek Riedle of Civilized

10 Cannabis Strains Medical Use

10 Types of Cannabis Strains for Medical Use

Choose Scentsy Over Incense

Why You Should Choose Scentsy over Incense

marijuana for arthritis

Cannabis for Arthritis, a Safer and Natural Alternative Medicine


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